39+ Most Noticeable Joglo Living Space With Ethnic Styles

Joglo as a Javanese ethnic house is now increasingly easy to find, ranging from traditional to modern. For those of you who want to build a Joglo House building, you can get various kinds of inspiration. However, the designers reminded that in building a Joglo house, it must still maintain its characteristics.

Maintain Characteristics

Joglo house designs can be developed following modern concepts. However, the designers reminded the Joglo house to be maintained. If the hallmark is lost, then the house is just like an ordinary one. We recommend that, in building a Joglo House, you should not lose its ethnic characteristics. The distinctive parts of the Joglo House must be preserved, although minor changes are understandable.

The reason for maintaining the characteristic of the Joglo House is not only because of the traditional factor. This distinctive feature is what makes Rumah Joglo look different. Without these characteristics, there is not a Joglo House. Without these characteristics, there is only a house that is similar to the Joglo House. This characteristic is reflected on two sides, namely the exterior and the interior.

The exterior shape of the Joglo House is of course very clear. There is a pyramid shape and a large terrace. The shape of the building is generally rectangular. This pyramid shape is one of the characteristics that must be maintained. Likewise, the distinctive shape of the terrace must also be maintained. Although slight modifications are understandable, the basic form must be preserved. In addition, in order for the Joglo House to be close to nature, it must be ensured that there is a yard.

Joglo Living Space With Ethnic Styles : Blend with nature

According to the observer of the Joglo House, Dior Asning, the Joglo House tends to have an atmosphere close to nature. The ancestors of the past really liked a house that was one with nature. Therefore, Joglo houses are usually open and dominated by wooden interiors.

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Joglo Living Space With Ethnic Styles : Things to note

In providing a modern decoration for a Joglo House, the first thing you can do is put a large window next to the bedroom or dining room that has teak poles on each side.

The interior of the Joglo House in general does have a large space. The partition is deliberately made not too much, especially the barrier that is permanent. This concept is similar to the concept of a minimalist home. In the middle there are generally also poles, the purpose of which is to support the building. The floor also needs attention. In this section there are no standard standards, cement or ceramics can be used. To make it seem natural, you can choose a wooden floor. This will create a thick, natural feel that is cooler. Another thing that needs attention is that the front room is made open so that the wind can easily enter and air circulation takes place properly.

However, modern concepts can be brought to the Joglo House. For example, in the interior, you can add some modern furniture. Placing a sofa with a wooden table seems interesting. In order to still seem natural, you should choose a wooden sofa. Then choose a combination of white and brown so that the feel of the room becomes more attractive.

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