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Pandemic times that make us spend a lot of time at home, that lead boredome to the interior style of the house. Well, you can get rid of it by trying a rustic farmhouse style for your living room to make it look comfortable and fresh. According to the House Beautiful page, the term rustic farmhouse has a fairly broad meaning, therefore, many different design styles can really fit into it. In its most basic definition, a rustic farmhouse is describe as a natural, rustic, old, and casual design. That is why there are many different styles that can be considered as a rustic farmhouse.

The rustic style that emphasizes the natural concept is very suitable to combined with a farmhouse style that is thick with a rural impression. A rustic farmhouse is very suitable to applied to the living room or family room to give a comfortable, natural impression. Now the concept of a rustic farmhouse home decor style is getting wider by giving more focus on natural items and can complemented with vintage items as well. Here are tips and ideas for making a room at home appear in a rustic farmhouse style.

A sleek wooden sofa

You can buy a sofa with a slim model to create the impression of a rustic farmhouse space. Choose a wooden sofa, which color you can match with a wooden door, window, or floor.

Ancient walls

You can also get a rustic farmhouse impression through the appearance of the walls that seem old. For example, paint the walls using white paint or with a chalk-based dye to add an old-fashioned charm. You can also leave the stone or brick exposed to add a rustic farmhouse impression, combined with wooden floors or simple wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture

Furniture in warm wood tones chosen for this natural look. Generally, rustic farmhouse styles tend to let the wood look a little rough to create a more cozy and warmer atmosphere. We can even use recycled used wood as material for the furniture or furniture.

Natural decorative displays

Decorative displays with natural nuances can support the rustic farmhouse appearance in the room. For example, you can put a wooden tray with a vase of wild flowers or leaves. You can also take advantage of ancient candle holders or other objects that evoke memories of simplicity and warmth.

Rustic farmhouse decoration for a minimalist design

If you like minimalist style, don’t worry, there are great ways to create a minimalist living room while still maintaining the rustic farmhouse style. You can choose an all-white color for the floor, walls, and ceiling, then add certain wood items to give a rustic farmhouse touch in it.

Old and antiques

A rustic farmhouse style room should nicely decorated with antique furniture, for example vintage cabinets, antique or old wood doors and windows, or other items.

Chair with backrest

You can also choose an armchair or with a backrest to create a rustic farmhouse impression. Make sure the materials and designs support this style, for example with wicker chairs or classic styles.

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Items are recycled

Recycled items are the most important element of a rustic farmhouse style home decor. We can find it in furniture, doors, window sills, shelves and tables, or even in exposed roof supports. You can also add knick-knacks such as reconditioned lamps with distressing techniques (new items that are given the impression of old furniture), to create a comfortable and beautiful rustic farmhouse space.

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