20 + Home Decor Ideas Living Room Rustic Farmhouse Style Ideas

One of the important things that we must remember when planning to design a living room is to have a plan or planning for choosing a particular room design style. Creating a rustic farmhouse living room can be a new style that you can apply in designing a room, especially the living room which is often used as the main room not only for receiving guests but also for family gathering.

Make a rustic farmhouse living room

By creating a rustic farmhouse-style living room, we will get a beautiful impression with a warm atmosphere. This style can be applied to a small room or a large room. This is because the rustic farmhouse style is perfect for every room condition.

In addition, you can also apply a rustic farmhouse style to house buildings located in tropical, cold, and warm areas. Applying this style in cold areas such as highlands will actually have an advantage, as it will make the space look warmer.

A rustic farmhouse-style living room can actually be made in an easy way because the design is quite simple. However, we can still develop creativity to further beautify the room that we are going to create.

Step by step creating it

What should we do first to create a rustic farmhouse style in a room? First of all, we can start with the walls. The walls of the room serve as the basis for every design and decoration placement. In this case, you can choose a plain white base color on the living room wall. Furthermore, for the floor you can make a wooden floor. You can make wood floors using real wood or you can also use ordinary ceramics that have a wood motif texture or use wood laminate flooring. After finishing with the selection of basic colors for walls and floors, now we move on to choosing furniture and other decorative elements. For the ceiling, we can keep it plain white or add wood effects on it. Then, we can put a medium sized rug that is placed as a mat for the guest table and the chosen carpet motif should be a rustic motif or a thick motif with a rustic farmhouse theme. Usually the colors chosen are neutral colors.

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Furniture to create a rustic farmhouse living room

For the furniture, we can try using white furniture such as a white corner sofa or wooden chairs which are also white. In essence, wood furniture is the main choice but not mandatory. That is, you can still mix and match it with modern furniture, such as sofas. Next, don’t forget to add a suitable chandelier. It’s best if the lamp has a classic yet simple style.

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