15 + Interior Design Apartment Ideas To Decorate Living Room

I believe that living room is included in your most-comfortable place in your house or apartment. here are 16 designs that you might put it on your idea list of interior decorating of your living room on budget.

1. Classic Living Room Apartment

This style won’t be timeless, classics will always be the choice of many people in a variety of things, especially rooms. Your living room will look elegant, comfortable and spacious with white walls. Sofas and tables with matching colors will also give a spacious impression on your room. To avoid boring nuances, you can give some wall decorations such as abstract or cross stitch paintings, and wide mirrors with dark or golden frames with a little mirror decoration to reinforce your classic style. Don’t forget to add warm colored accessories to make your classically styled living room look perfect.

2. White-ish Living Room Apartment

For those of you who have a small space but want to look spacious, use this white-ish style. Make the walls, sofas, couches milky white and ivory white, and add light gray to reduce the impression of monotony. Light brown or beige is also great for your table, floor and favorite accessories to add an artistic impression. Add a lamp or hanging statue in white, and multiply the window to expand your living room.

3. Minimalist Living Room Apartment

Black and white is a perfect duo for this style, of course your walls should be white and your window and door frame are black. Add black sofa, black fireplace, and black carpet to complete this style. Add more color like brown, gray, and silver to your living room to make it more minimalist.

4. Modern

Modern style only slightly different with minimalist style, this nuance is mostly in brown, white, black, yellow and white. Paint your wall or put brown sticker to your wall, white rug, black-steel sofa, and put matching color wall decoration to make it complete.

5. Chic

White must be the best color for any house style!. To make your living room look chic, color your wall with white and you can give white-wooden accent for your ceiling. Don’t forget to use wooden floor and light-beige sofa for your living room to make it more comfortable. Add hanging accecorries and warm color furniture to make it look chic.

6. Modern Classic

This is a good style for you modern classic lovers. White wall is a must, and white sofa should be added to your living room to make it look classic. To make it also look modern, don’t forget to add black table, grey lamp, wooden floor, and plaid couch to get this style.

7. Urban

This is a good idea for you who like urban style, add white velvety rug, white sofa, and  small grey table to make your living room look more urban. Put minimalist wooden stairs and frame-less mirrors and gray or flowery couch to make this style complete.

8. Boho

This style is good for you with easy-going and expressive character. You can paint your wall or put stickers on it with white or beige color. Add tight motif rug and colorful sofa and couch to emphasize your boho style. Give some plants to your living room to make it more comfortable.

9. Vintage

20’s century atmosphere is good for you who like vintage style. Yet the picture above doesn’t look feminine at all, you can add warm-toned color to your living room, and put your vintage accesories to make this style complete.

10. City

Colorful and dynamic is good for you who like city style. You can add any shape and colorful sofa, and small table in the middle. To make your favorite books organized and beautify your living room at once, put them in white bookshelf, put your book irregularly to affirm your dynamic self. To avoid crowded-look, color your floor, wall, stairs and ceiling in white.

11. Retro Classic

Both retro and classic? why not?, you can mix those style to your living room. Add colorful rug, and chouches and many wall decoration to make your living room look retro, yet add dark-colored sofa or white sofa and warm colored wall into it.

12. Victorian

This design look feminine and glamourous at the same time, with white and beige nuance it will make your living room look cozy and nice. Add several wooden chair, paintings, and candle chandelier to make this style complete.

13. Modern Classic

Modern but classic, is good idea for you who wanted both style for your living room. Use white as the backroud, add earth-toned furnitures or accesories for your living room. Wooden tables and mirror frame would add classic style in your room, and white walls, curtain, and window frame will give you the modern look.

14. Scandinavian

This living room style will make you feel like in northern Europe all the time. With all white walls and door, you can add wooden floor and rattan chair to your living room. Add white and black carpet, small wooden table, and wall decorations like painting or ornaments to make your room more scandinavian. Add your favorite plants or wheat to beautify your room.

15. American

Again, white will be the best color for this room. White ceiling, wall, curtain, door, window, and sofa will make your living room looks perfect. Put several brown chair to your room, and add some decorations like paintings, or standing lamp to emphasize this style.

16. Shabby Chic

Almost the same with vintage, shabby chic will make you more feminine with all white stuffs, grey, and beige color. Put big couches on your sofa, and hang simple painting to make your living room got this look.

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