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Having a watercolor paintings wall decoration will make the room look rustic. This painting can be purchased via offline or online. But actually making your own watercolor painting is not difficult. This article explains in more detail about preparation and watercolor paintings easy step by step for a beginner.

Prepare your watercolor paintings

There are a few things to prepare before making a watercolor painting. The first thing to prepare is two sheets of paper. One paper is used as a painting media and another paper is to form an edge. The trick is to draw a rectangle with a pencil on the first sheet of paper. Then cut the paper in the shape of a rectangle.

Place paper with holes above the paper that will be used as painting media. Next, prepare watercolor, water, and watercolor brushes.

Step To Make A Watercolor Beach Paintings

After preparing the tools, then you can start the painting. Here are 7 steps of the watercolor paintings easy step by step.

Wet the Paper for watercolor paintings

Wet the paper by applying a wet brush. Then brush it onto the drawing paper. This method is easier than applying the brush to the paint directly. This step aims to make the watercolor effect look clearer.

First Stroke

After applying water, use a half-wet brush. Brush it into green watercolor. Rub the color carefully onto wet paper. Fill it slowly until half the paper. Don’t rush to color. The ultimate goal of watercolor-style coloring is a natural gradation. Build each part of the beach slowly.

Add Details In Seawater

This detail can be done by thickening the color. So, deeper seawater uses a deeper green color. The trick is swiping a half wet brush into green paint. Then color by making some points on the part of the sea that you want to make look deeper.

Create Gradations

This green gradation will disappear in the coastal area. So use a thicker layer of paint at the top of the painting and then thinner to the bottom of the painting. If necessary, use white paint to describe the waves of seawater.

Create A Boundary Between The Sea And The Beach

Trim white paint on the beach, then mix brown and orange watercolor to create a beach area. The deeper the beach area, then the color of the sand must be more brownie. Use the feeling when painting with a watercolor style. Brushstrokes have to built little by little so the color intensity will become clearer.

Drawing Of The Beach Section

The sixth step of watercolor paintings easy step by step for a beginner is drawing the beach. Forms of white shades on the shore, followed by a light brown color. Then get up slowly on the beach with a light brown color. Add a few dots of dark brown paint to clarify the beach area.

Remove The Frame Paper

The last step after drawing with the watercolor style is to remove the paper frame. The frame prevents watercolors from scattering everywhere. Once released, the image shape will be rectangular with clear and neat edges.

Watercolor paintings easy step by step can be done by everyone. The key is to sweep colors carefully and patiently. The color intensity and gradation must be built slowly so that the painting results are detailed.

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