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We moved into this house in January and set-up each room. Over the following months, I decorated and perfected every space except the master bedroom. To say that its boring would be an understatement! I think most people can sympathize- why is it always our room that comes last?!

I think one reason that the master bedroom is the last decorated space in the house is that no one sees it except you. That is usually the case, but the door to our backyard is through the master bedroom, so everyone that comes over eventually sees our master.

A strong belief I have with decorating is that you should make your house happy for YOU, not for your friends and not for what other think, but so it serves you. The master bedroom should be a cozy sanctuary that creates a safe haven for rest. With that feeling in mind.

My goal for the master bedroom is to be inviting and cozy, so adding this raspberry colored rug was key. It is incredibly soft and I love feeling it first thing in the morning when my feet hit the ground. A rug brings in color, pattern, and texture so it quickly worked its magic! You can do a rug if you have carpet too- especially carpet you hate (I did this in the guest room I designed).

Go bold like I did, or keep it more tone and tone for a softer touch. My rug is from American Signature Furniture and when I shared it on Instagram stories a few weeks ago, I got SO many questions on it! I got the 8’x10′ size. If my room was bigger, I would have laid it the other way (it barely didn’t fit). BUT I still love the color and softness it adds to the room.

If you put on makeup or do your hair, you need a vanity. It’s so nice to have a dedicated area for getting ready and once you have one, you’ll never go back (I used to sit on the floor to do my makeup- no thanks)! My vanity was in place, but I was using a dining room chair for sitting. It was fine, but after having to move it from room to room, I was ready to have a dedicated solution.

I’ve wanted one of these rockers forever and this one is surprisingly affordable! I added a textured pillow to soften it up. The rocker gives this corner a nice modern vibe while the wood rockers keep it warm. Besides the rug, this is one of my favorite additions!

Since a bedroom is all about comfort- pillows are the perfect accessory! For the bed, I suggest 2 Euro pillows for a queen (3 for a king), 2 standard pillows that you actually sleep on (use king sized pillows for a king bed), and 1 accent pillow. Use the pillows to add in the pattern, texture, and color you might be lacking elsewhere.

Robert W. Sowers

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