The Secret to French Country Bathroom

The French country style is a beautiful regularity that is easily practiced wherever you are, thanks to its location and availability. The bathroom of this French country dream are as beautiful as they are functional indeed. Architectural flourishes, vintage accessories, and natural materials add rustic chic charm to most home ideas.

French country bathroom style

Inspired by the California bathroom, the Courtney of the French Country Cottage offers modern comfort with an old wooden deck and a double glazed sofa. Moreover, it goes to show that French painted mirrors and chandeliers complete the look and can add a dreamy French touch to any space.

French bath

French Country Cottages You don’t need a white tub to create a French feel like Courtney’s California Baths. Twinkling chandeliers, gilded French mirrors, and candles are paired with brass tubs and fixtures. Also an antique style wooden table with extra spotless napkin. New tiles and bright white colors make the room fresh and modern, reflecting the French national spirit.

Romantic bathtub

Featuring an elegant claw-shaped tub with antique style hardware, an antique wood mirror with a weathered patina. Moreover, a beautiful sconce, a chandelier and a small rustic staircase to store towels and wax pantyhose, the French Country Fantasy indeed designed by Courtney of France. This house is a perfect bathroom. A place to relax and pretend to have a lavender flower outside the window.

Vintage mirror

Decorated in the atmosphere of a country house in the heart of the French capital. Also, the modern bathroom of the Hotel Paris Henriette includes a modern laundry room and a vintage-style bathtub with clean white tiles, as well as a faucet and a retro style shower. to manage. Vintage French barber glasses are as practical as they are glamorous and add to the timeless French national vibe.

Timeless simplicity

A vintage tub, wooden farmhouse stools with candles, painted walls, simple rugs, and antique chandeliers. All of these for a French country vibe, the Une Eau Ordinaire bedroom fits anywhere.

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