The Basics of Aesthetic Room Bedrooms

There are several bases to make a room look aesthetic. Parents need to give more attention to children’s room due to their mood that could affect their behaviour as well.  The aesthetic touch of the interior designer might sound promising. Actually, parents can actually arrange the children’s room. It because no one understands their kids well besides their own parents. Here are the basics of aesthetic room bedrooms for kids.


The first thing parents should know is the simplicity of the room. The beautiful room does not depend on how full of knick-knacks or furniture. Children’s room, must be simple and use as few items as possible so the room is not easily cluttered and become uncomfortable.

  1. Use A Single Bed

Separating each child’s room is better than making bed for several children in one room. Use one small size bed. For example the size of 90 x 180 cm.

Children really don’t need too much sleeping space. The important thing is security while sleeping. Choose a bed that has a safety edge for children aged 1-6 years.

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  1. A Cupboard

Cabinets can be placed as usual on the wall. But if you want to save space, parents can make space under the bed as a clothes drawer. In addition to being more simple, the cabinets under the bed tend to be safer because they cannot be climb of fall from the bed.

  1. A Study Desk

Give a study desk in the room to put books and school supplies. Let children choose table designs to make them more enthusiastic in studying. Ask children to join in arranging study desk and small objects on it. For example an alarm clock, books, photos, and so on.


Choose one or two items below to get a colorful point or a playful pattern. Having a colorful room can make kids feel happy, but too much color isn’t good too.

  1. Wall

You can paint the walls differently on each side. However, make sure that each color is still in line with each other. For example, if boys like green, then you can choose the mint color and cream for the wall. There is no need for a lot of ornaments on the wall. Just attach a few displays such as photos and favorite pictures of children.

  1. Bed Cover

Bed covers are replaced almost every week. Then the choice of colors can be much more diverse. Some bed covers have a unique style. It also could give the room a statement and be the main attraction of a child’s room.

  1. Rugs

The third object which is the basics of aesthetic room bedrooms for kids is rugs. It can enhance the beauty of the room instantly. If a child’s room is still plain, parents can choose rugs with a striking pattern. For example colorful circles or beautiful geometric patterns. But if the room is full of patterns and colors, use a plain carpet that uses comfortable materials.

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  1. Curtains

The last detail is the curtain. Parents can choose curtains in the form of dangling fabrics or curtains with a simple folding model. Adjust to the theme of the room. If the child likes simplicity and modern style then choose a simple curtain. But if girls want rooms like princesses, choose curtains with soft-colored lace accents.

Simple yet colorful is the basics of aesthetic room bedrooms for kids. These two principles can also be applied in other room. However, in the children’s room, the most important thing is a comfort. So, fewer objects will be safer and more comfortable.

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