The One Thing to Do for Bathroom Rugs Bath Mat

A good mat or rugs is the most important thing for keeping your bathroom showering, keeping your feet wet, and preventing them from falling on wet floors. After 30 hours of extensive research and testing on rugs and carpets, we have selected three that stand out for their design, comfort and functionality. Each should last longer after multiple washes and will make your bathroom more attractive and beautiful.

Top Picks for Bathroom Mat

If you’re really worried about slipping, the Lands’ End Supima Cotton Slip-Resistant Bath Mat is the best slip-resistant rug we’ve tried. Most of the other rugs we tried had a thin layer of flooring that had peeled off in the dryer. However, the thick latex backings of the Lands’ End rugs held up well and didn’t regenerate with another wash. . Unlike other rubber mats, these mats also dry quickly in the dryer (although not as fast as mat-type towels).

The Frontgate Resort Bath Mat is our favorite single bath mat. The terry cloth feels thick and luxurious at your feet. However, this rug is still thin enough to fit in low doorways that other materials can’t. It’s more expensive than what we tried, but I think it will last longer for many trips from the laundry. We also found that Frontgate absorbed more water than other fabrics. The loop densely did not expect anyone to dry the drain on the carpet, but the others were soaked immediately. Available in a variety of colors, Frontgate blends well with almost any decor, including our selection of towels. It only comes in one size, 21 x 34 inches, but will work well in many areas.

The ToiletTree Bamboo Bath Mat is the best choice for the wooden platform style mats we’ve seen. It has more construction and security than other wooden mats we’ve tried. It also has rubber feet to keep it from falling to the floor. The ToiletTree also seals better than other mats (some with no sealant at all) that collect water and immediately fall off the tree. After testing this mat for the past three years, we found that it held up well without any wear and tear at the end of regular visitors to our clinic.

Robert W. Sowers