A Secret Weapon for Light Bulb Decorations

Creation is a process to create a work. Creativity is not only making a work but also a form of self-expression in the form of an object or non-object. Many objects that can be created, can be modified new objects or used goods that are given added value. Used goods that can be created as decorations for example paper, plastic bottles or even light bulb.

Speaking of light bulbs, this tool is one of today’s household needs. Where there is electricity there is also a light bulb needed. Not only to illuminate, the bulb can also be a work of art. By using creativity, used light bulbs can be used as planting media or home decoration. Like the following creation, the bulb is modified into a useful item even though it can no longer be used for lighting.

Used clear bulbs or bulbs that are dead and unused are usually just thrown away. In fact, we can make creations from these used lamps so that we can use them to beautify the house. We only need simple ingredients. Here is an idea of ​​​​creating used lamps that we can make ourselves:

Light bulb for Living room decorations

By combining used twigs and bulbs that are no longer used, we can make beautiful decorations. The trick is to punch holes and remove the contents of the bulb, tie it with wire and add water and flowers. After that we hang it on a branch. Be a unique living room decoration.

Painting bulb

Painting bulbs for decoration is also a good idea. Then we can hang the painting in the living room or the other side.

Fresh plant pots

How to make it simply by removing the contents of the bulb, then fill it with water and put live plants in the lamp.

Mini flower vase

Making mini flower vases from bulbs will enhance the appearance of the table.

Mini aquarium

This mini aquarium only contains water or decorations like in an aquarium because the bulb media which is quite small cannot accommodate fish. The method is the same, we only need to carefully remove the contents of the bulb and arrange the aquarium we want.

Robert W. Sowers