The Battle Over Under Stairs Ideas Small and How to Win It

One place I don’t use often is under the stairs, but now it’s time to cool off under the stairs. The floor of this staircase can be used for many purposes, including bathroom, kitchen, etc. If it’s too low, of course, if you’re struggling to fit out a kitchen or bathroom, why not use it as a shelf under the stairs?

This space can be a storage area for books, books, cabinet, cabinets, etc. No more problems with storage or storage space, the classic problem in any home. It is also possible to decorate the floor of an empty staircase. Almost all models have a wooden staircase, but you can create a shelf under the aluminum staircase.

Inspirations under the stairs

Good books

If you’re writing a book or a comic, consider creating a minimalist outfit like this. Books and comics have been decorated on a staircase without a railing, perfect for a millennial home.

Minimalist Under Stairs

This wardrobe design is truly minimalist. The pictures are beautiful. Especially if your home is modern and minimalist. You can place your plants in flower pots, books, tips and other decorations which can beautify your room.

Easy Wardrobe

If you don’t want to create beautiful clothes under the stairs, create this simple wardrobe design. The rattan storage box below is an option for small items or items.

Location of the lock

The latest design of the stairs wardrobe suggests a simple and minimalist design. Then we put some boxes to decorate the bottom cabinet. Very simple.

Library and reading corner

If the bottom of the stairs is big enough, you can design a cabinet with a reading nook like this. With a combination of soothing colors, this glass will enhance your home’s interior design.

Easy Reading Room

There is a reading room like a shelf under the stairs. Thick books, such as dictionaries and dictionaries, are perfect for storing in this design.

Nice Clean Laundry Room

The cupboard under the stairs can be used as a laundry room. Create a household cabinet that matches the size of your washing machine. Also place other products such as soap and fabric softener. In addition, the top can be used as a sink for cleaning furniture.

Children play under the stairs

Do your children’s toys often explode around games? Make him a special game under the stairs. You can make a children’s playroom look like a real home. Small windows and real doors. Guaranteed children will really feel at home!. Also, a rectangular-shaped closet like this is perfect for storing toys. Children can easily open the cabinet without your help.

Lauren Flanagan