Dirty Facts About Witch Aesthetic Bedroom Exposed

So let’s talk about how you can walk around the place with the energy of a beautiful witch by combining elegant aesthetic touches in your bedroom.


So, the first witch beauty decoration idea I can tell you is the most authentic and simple. It is to be decorated with crystals. You may or may not believe in magic magic crystals. I do not believe it. However, there are a few surprises that crystals exist on Earth. And there’s something about it that leads to a feeling of energy when used in items like home decor and jewelry. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that these rocks and boulders have been around for thousands of years and their ancient, unfinished nature seems to make us think of connecting with something wild and white. It is not related to ancient and modern life and is not oppressive. The wild, white, and cruelty-free life is at the heart of the magic and the story, so it makes sense that the crystals are part of a beautiful witch.

Alchemy Vase

Another way to put a beautiful witch in your bedroom is to use a vase that resembles the potion bottle you would find in an old pharmacy. Find a vase where you can make potions. I’m even like a cauldron!

I have a couple of these vases in my room, and I think I’ve created a magic potion that’s very elegant and that I love…but can enchant anyone who isn’t quick, beware. Or simply offer artificial flowers. So I recommend googling “pharmacy vase” to get something like this. Then you will get many rewards which will be given to you like potion slime look. Ultimately, this vase is perfect for my succulents. Cast spells for helpless men, optional.

3. Decorate the skull

Another way to put beautiful ghosts in one place is to put the skull. Now, I didn’t talk about going to the grocery store and buying cheap plastic bones. I’m also not talking about using real skulls of dead objects unless you get scary. I respect you. How to attach images of skulls to my site is very simple and here since my cartoon death.
So you can do everything from assembling skeletons for example, from books. There are also beautiful skulls you can buy on Etsy. From skeleton planters displaying flowers to skeleton carafes. (By the way, both are affiliate links!). There are all great ways to attach a skull in a place that isn’t tacky or verbal or especially Halloween decorations. I’m talking about how to make the skull more elegant and noble. However, when I posted my blog post on Facebook, someone commented on the blog post. The trolls, the little trolls come and say “if you were to teach them how to place a skull, maybe you shouldn’t have bones for you”. each other.

If you want to lean more into your darker side with your decorations, but fear people’s thoughts – you’re like a poser or questioner, “Why is it so dark right now?” Try that?” – I advise you not to worry about what people think. Don’t let anyone show you the “right” way to darkness or the “right way” to embrace your own darkness. We all have darkness within us. I think there’s a way to support it, support it by clinging to dark thoughts and not caring what goth students think you’re doing. In the end, do whatever you want. Who cares if someone has something to say about there being bones in the room?

There are many types of candles

Another very simple way to show off the beauty of a woman in your bedroom is to use lots of candles. I mean, go crazy on the candle. You shouldn’t back down from squeezing your bedroom like it’s about to be a celebration that celebrates Mother Earth and her power. However, candles. Anyone who knows my channel knows that I’m obsessed with nostalgia for home. You can watch this video and this video for my approval!

If you’re tempted to light several candles at once this way, it’s a good idea to prepare scent-free candles. After setting all the candles in my little room to make this movie, I have to admit I started to get a little dizzy. It’s kind of funny, but I disagree. Some of my candles are perfect for a beautiful witch. These candles are straight black candles. So if the virgin changes that, the Sanderson sisters will all appear and start wreaking havoc. Fortunately, there are no girlfriends in this room.

The image of a strong woman

Another less obvious way to incorporate feminine beauty into your bedroom is to see a strong woman. And I do that by featuring strong singer-songwriters in my area: Fiona Apple, Poe, Taylor Momsen, Stevie Nicks with my Fleetwood Mac, uh, lyrics, junk lyrics I posted.. . They are very strong, extremely attractive women who never give up on their lives. It’s demonic energy. You know what I mean?

When a woman is strong, confident and self-respecting… it’s a kind of magical power. Every time I think you’re drawing a strong woman for you. Whether it’s a quote of her, a real photo of her, or the power of a good old lady…that’s how I feel about the beauty of a witch.

Spooky Art and Objects

Another way to capture the feminine beauty of your space is to see the vague and dangerous art, materials, and intricacies. Consider displaying beautiful paintings, such as the murals that Tordis Kayma has in Company 6. If you are looking for a negative and strange landscape, Tordis Kayma is an artist for the heart. I have this all year round because the weather is my favorite weather, but if you want a beautiful and tricky way to get to a beautiful place, a great way to do that is to show the spooky moment that happens in the screen status. wall art.

DIY Witch Aesthetic Photo Wall Art

There are also fantastic ways to DIY your own beautiful photos. One idea is to walk in cloudy and foggy conditions and take photos of your surroundings with your iPhone. Let’s say you find a beautiful tree with no branches, take a picture and make it black and white.

You can do it all by printing on your home printer and then in frames. Alternatively, you can go to a site like bestcanvas.com and print onto the fabric. It is very easy to create an old image like this. Here are some pictures I took before I fell a few times… The leaf is not real, this tree in a circle looks like the one where the devil whipped. It’s a cute picture of a witch, so I thought I’d print it on canvas one day. And remember, you can see the magic of photography in the most prepared place. This photo was posted in my parents’ suburban super, in the same neighborhood door to door. Witchcraft also occurs in the city. So don’t despair if you feel you don’t have access to an environment conducive to great photography. Magic is everywhere, so finding it requires looking at things a little differently.

DIY Witch Aesthetic Graphic Art

Another simple DIY art project you can do to make a beautiful witch is to go to a place like Canva. Canva is a free art tool that anyone can use. You don’t need to be an artist. It’s very simple. So if I’m creating DIY art to express a woman’s beauty, all I have to do is type something like “vintage floral” or “magical” into Canva to explore and explore. The model is there. Then you can create your own little sketches! Anyone can and it’s free. Or, if you want to open more Canva templates, you can cancel anytime for $10 per month. Create, publish and configure your creative illustrations in Canva and they will explode. This completes the beautiful original illustration that shows the beautiful witch we are talking about.

So this is it ! This is how I introduced the beautiful witch into my room. Like I said, I do all around you, but the fall weather is especially perfect for this mood. And remember. And your bedroom is beautiful and magical and you are very strong.

Tara Goselin