Outrageous Salon Station Ideas Tips

Make your salon station station stand out with fun living room station ideas

Studies show that women spend more than a month of their life in the salon station chair! And when it comes to beauty, it’s not just the hair. Nails, skin, eyebrows, spa treatments, etc. What do customers want to see when they enter the salon? A beautiful trendy place that is clean, stylish, and looks like a million dollars. But did you know that many stores like to put a black and white watch with silver accessories? It doesn’t look bad, but it does a lot for your imagination. If you want your hair salon to stand out from the crowd and stand out from the rest, check out these awesome salon station ideas.

Salon stasion on wheels

Just because a salon is behind the wheel doesn’t mean you have to think about style. Always keep in mind that less in mobile stores. Keep the bulk down, but add a feminine touch that isn’t too overdone.

Let there be light

Illuminate your space with bright lights. Even if you are lucky enough to have a lot of lighting, lighting makes all the difference in a room. Dazzle your customers with chandeliers, recessed lights, wall lights and sparkling fairy lights!

Fun salon station ideas

Whether you want a minimalist and free look, complement your salon station with some creative artwork and accessories. Whimsical or funny things often help start a good conversation.

DIY wall art

Create your own or plan a fun craft day with all the staff. Try using false eyelashes for wall art, for example. You can search Pinterest and grab some leftovers from the living room to create something really fun.

Rejuvenate a boring sign

Put your living room theme in your signage to rejuvenate your signage. For example, display your living room WIFI password on white paper. Display it and make sure it matches your living room decor. Or use a rustic board as a sign to make sure your customers know about your ad and your business. There are no offers on this day, add words of encouragement.

Pamper your customers

Your customers come to you at an exciting time. Why not add a little luxury to your experience? For example, create a hot drink where consumers can make their own tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Little things like this make a big difference in welcoming customers as they enter the salon parking lot.

Cut on the rest

Yes, decorating your garage with beauty salon ideas can make your salon more beautiful than others. But before you start worrying about how your living room looks from the outside, you need to make sure that it works well from the inside.

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