35+ Minimal Bathrooms Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Every house definitely needs a bathroom, because basically it is incomplete if a house does not have a bathrooms, whether it is a simple house or a minimal house. Even though it is located at the back, the function of the bathroom is very important. The design of the bathroom is made so small and narrow to fit the size.

In some buildings, there is a bathroom that is separate from the house, but most of the modern home models or minimalist homes place the bathroom in the design of the house. In addition to having a vital function as a place to clean oneself and dirt from the body, often the bathroom has a function for relaxation. How not?, the bathroom is the place that has the coolest temperature among other rooms in the house. That’s why the bathroom can be a place of relaxation as well as looking for inspiration.

If you want a simple, comfortable and attractive bathroom, you don’t need a large size like a five-star hotel, because in a minimalist house, you can decorate a bathroom that looks luxurious. Even though it is narrow, small and simple, you will get a deep impression in your minimalist bathroom.

To make the bathroom look modern, you need to pay attention to several things, the most important of which is the shape and design. Having a minimalist bathroom doesn’t have to use all the furniture that will actually make it look narrower, right?.

Simple Minimal Bathrooms Design

Here are some examples of simple bathroom interior designs that can be your inspiration to design your minimalist home:

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