36+ Floating Shelves for Bathroom Reviews & Guide

A quick peek into the bathroom is enough to see how much stuff stored in the bathroom. Starting from towels, clothes baskets, shampoo, soap, conditioner, brush, hairdryer, and so on, it turns out that there are also many items that generally found in the bathroom. To keep the bathroom tidy, you need bathroom shelves, especially the floating one.

This bathroom shelf is available in various types that can adapted to the needs and interior style of the bathroom. What type of bathroom shelf is suitable for keeping the bathroom tidy? Come on, see more below!

Use the box as bathroom floating shelves

For those of you who want the bathroom to look unique, please try using a wooden crate as a bathroom shelf. This bathroom shelf is suitable for storing dry toiletries such as towels and tissue supplies. Add small decorations to sweeten the look. This is perfect for a vintage-style bathroom.

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Hanging rack

Next, there is a hanging type bathroom shelf with an open concept. A bathroom shelf like this is suitable to be placed in a small bathroom because it looks more spacious. Because this type of bathroom shelf is hanging, make sure the hook is firmly attached to the wall. For the rope, it would be better if you use thick wire or strong rope.

Open concept bathroom floating shelves

The next type of bathroom shelf is an open shelf with an upward arrangement that can help you save space. This bathroom shelf is minimalist in style. Its small size also makes it suitable to be placed near the sink to put towels, soap, and air freshener.

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Although there are various types, try to choose a bathroom shelf that can store all the equipment you need daily in the bathroom. That way, you don’t have to bother looking for what you need every day.

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