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Of course, everyone considers where we live as the best. Everyone has their own way of showing excellence in decorating their home. Some people, maybe you are among them, aiming for a luxurious or glamorous interior especially livingroom. We all want our house or apartment to look as good as possible and represent the personality of its owner—from passion, lifestyle, livelihood to social status. If you want a representation of luxury in your home, one of the most crucial rooms to convey this impression is the livingroom.

Maybe you have read various ways in magazines or websites on how to decorate a luxurious livingroom. It turns out that there is a way to create a luxurious appearance without spending a fortune. So if you want to have a luxurious and glamorous livingroom, We will present some tips in this article. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to change a livingroom from boring to glamorous. The following are tips from an Interior Stylist and Design Blogger, Lynda Quintero-Davids, to create a luxurious livingroom look.

Define Your Luxurious Livingroom Interior

Designers like Ralph Lauren and Carolyne Roehm help define luxury in home and space décor. Luxury means containing passion, adventure, romance and joy. Luxury is a space or object in a space that is smart and beautiful. It can also mean sophisticated and elegant, beautiful and bold. Luxurious means to stand out. Luxury draws you into this.

Luxurious livingroom is always organized. A neat and orderly impression is a must at all times, all items must always be in their place. The room must also always be clean. Keep every surface of tables, chairs, and other furniture clean and shiny. This also means that you are obliged to always polish items made of glass and metal.

Luxury doesn’t mean you need to show everything you have at one time. In order not to be boring, you need to rotate the collection that you display in this luxurious livingroom. Create a seasonal theme for a luxurious livingroom, such as a livingroom theme adapted to the four seasons in Europe. In winter you can go for darker, deeper colors, with lots of shiny metal for the holiday season approaching Christmas and New Years.

As for summer, you can use contrasting colors to create a fun atmosphere reminiscent of the summer sea. Apart from that, for starters you can also follow someone who inspires you. Maybe you’ve seen a classic design that you like the most. Study and follow these inspirational cues. To be sure, pay attention to the decor you choose!

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Cheap Items for the Impression of a Luxurious Livingroom

Many people identify the impression of luxury with everything that sparkles. Even though there are differences in the form of sparkle, namely sparkle and bling, both will give a different impression. Sparkle means shiny, in the right portion it gives the impression of luxury in your livingroom design. In contrast to bling, this form of sparkle feels tacky, excessive, and of course you don’t want it in a luxurious livingroom. The impression of luxury really needs balance.

In this case, you can get a luxurious livingroom with a bling concept without hurting your pocket. To find shiny furniture and decorations that are suitable for a luxurious livingroom, you can start looking at thrift stores. If you are lucky, you will find lots of quality items and in good condition, of course, at a cheaper price.

Find items from crystal glasses to clear glass containers for candles, silver servets to display on shelves, open kitchen shelves, or even collectibles on the dining room wall. You can also add a luxurious impression with luxurious silk panels in the dining room or bedroom.

Today’s technological advances also allow you to shop for used goods online. When you’re shopping, be sure to ask the merchant for a picture of the back of the item (especially silver) and look for the name of the maker or brand. You will find many brand names at low prices, make them a reference for buying luxury livingroom items next. Some websites can also help you find furniture and decor for a luxury livingroom.

Use Simple High-Class Products for Your Livingroom Interior

Something looks luxurious when it looks special. Special can mean something as simple as the simplicity of high-class products that actually show their elegant side. Luxury is the impression you get when you see an object or even a person’s style.

The impression of luxury also gives the desire to think long term. When you buy a luxury item for a luxurious livingroom interior you invest in the quality of the item. When you buy a well-designed sofa, then the sofa is part of an expensive luxury investment in the future.

Highly acclaimed items such as Chesterfield, Parisian rugs, curtains and drapes with quality and immaculate furnishings, plus the rich veneers and gold-plated details will always be a good investment. Also make sure you choose the right lamp to add to the impression of a luxurious livingroom.

Pay attention to the color of the decor and furniture

Maybe you are wondering if there is a certain object or color for a luxurious livingroom that basically gives the impression of luxury.

The answer? There is.

Objects and colors that give the impression of luxury include blue and white porcelain, blue and red silk, thick velvet with vegetable greens, purples, and gold. These things will evoke the impression of luxury in the room. The application of fine materials, fabrics or finishes can all be very luxurious, especially when paired with shiny cut metal and crystal. Neutral colors in gray linen or finely weathered wood with gold-plated details, otherwise known as French impression, will give a high-end glamor vibe to your luxurious livingroom. Especially if you add elegant colored curtains such as gray or gold.

Classical, traditional and transitional styles also include luxury. Luxury is about quality not quantity so you have to be careful not to have so many things in a luxurious livingroom. Luxury can be formal but it doesn’t have to be. It is more about representing a good life or well lived. It’s not always about money, it’s about classic and timeless design, some elegance, sophistication and sophistication.

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