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The shabby chic style became one of the most popular home concepts in the 80s to early 90s. Although the word shabby means “shabby or worn out”, in its development, the appearance with this concept makes the space seem more elegant and feminine. First developed in England, examples of room decor like this are synonymous with antique-style pop-victorian furniture. Basically, the shabby chic concept is related to an elegant vintage home style. This style also often leads to soft floral motifs. It also will remind you of the feel of beautiful villages in Paris. With a concept like this, this shabby chic style is very suitable to applied to your dining room to get a warm and romantic impression.

Room Decoration in Shabby Chic Style

If you intend to apply an example of a shabby chic style home decor, you should choose furniture and home decorations that have ancient but beautiful elements. However, the shabby chic style is generally an eclectic mix of floral and lyrical motifs. Furthermore, shabby chic is dominate by white or pastel colors.

Elegant Shabby Chic Dining Room

The first shabby chic interior design starts with a basic white color scheme. Then given a touch of blue pastel colors on the kitchen set cabinet, tile floor, and dining chairs. The selection of floor tiles that have a unique and vintage style. This will makes you no need to add a rug at the bottom of the dining table set. Using only ceramic tiles has strengthened the shabby chic style. Chairs with matching colors and all unique decorations in the kitchen with additional external light can give an elegant and beautiful impression.

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Small Dining Room Not a Problem

No need to worry about a small space, you can still create a shabby chic style dining room that makes Ramadan even more comfortable. Combining 2 elements of simplicity with modern furniture can also applied to a shabby chic dining room. The selection of a slim dining table furniture set with an iron frame makes it easy for you to move to a wider area if a family member comes to visit. The shabby chic concept is embodied in the adorable play of white and pastel pink in every interior. Cutlery such as unique plates with matching floral patterns so that they are able to provide additional, more interesting accents.

Shabby Chic in Pastel

Pastel colors that are the hallmark of a shabby chic style room design can be combined with soft neutral colors. With the selection of wall wallpapers with motifs that seem vintage. Moreover, cream and pastel blue colors are combined and matched with clean white colors that are more dominant in all corners of the room. Wall decorations that already seem crowded because of the various colors used. You should use a plain colored dining table set that is still in harmony with the concept of the room, namely white and wood on the table top. Natural lighting makes the atmosphere of eating food more homey and fun.

Main Colortone

For the design of a shabby chic house, especially the dining room, the main focus will be through the selection of the right dining table furniture with additional decorations in a classic or vintage style. Colortone pastel pink, white and cream is a very interesting combination. A dining table made of natural wood can be hidden by adding a table cloth with a pink polka dot pattern complete with cute cutlery. White color can create a more modern and clean impression. The atmosphere is comfortable and makes you feel at home with the addition of cream colored flower cushions in harmony with the window curtain fabric. Shabby chic motifs and colors blend together perfectly to create a more cheerful, warm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

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