35+ The Biggest Myth About Kitchen Accent Tile Exposed

Why is the backsplash an important element besides the kitchen furniture itself?. Within the kitchen, the backsplash accent tile combines functionality with stylish elegance in such a way that multiple features can. Acting as an accent, a backsplash can bring a splash of color to a minimalist kitchen or complement an eclectic variety of décor. But one thing to remember about backsplash is that functionality has to be a factor. Cement tile backsplash can prevent stains and grease from splashing, keep your kitchen bright and clean, and prevent unpleasant odors from entering.

It may seem trivial, but in its function, the backsplash is very important for aesthetics and safety. Choosing the right backsplash can also give a maximum impression on the room. Before choosing a backsplash model, you should first measure the area of ​​​​the kitchen room. You can use a smaller or larger backsplash size depending on the size of the room and taste. The size of the tiles also affects the visualization of the kitchen. It would be more interesting if it looked slicker.

The first step you can do is pay attention to the ceramic floor motif in the kitchen. Choosing ceramics in the kitchen room is very different from other ceramics such as rooms and living rooms. Therefore, in choosing a backsplash, special care and attention is needed.

Grey backsplash accent tile pattern

The gray backsplash works perfectly against brown or white wood and sleek contemporary fixtures. You can choose a large gray backsplash. This backsplash motif is suitable for use in rooms that are close to the outside of the house, as well as those inside the house. This ceramic motif creates the impression of a flawless and elegant space.

3D backsplash

Having a kitchen with an attractive appearance must be everyone’s dream. Well, you can choose this accent backsplash, because this kitchen accent tile offers an artistic atmosphere. This 3D patterned ceramic is a classic design, but it is guaranteed to make the atmosphere of your home kitchen look luxurious. As a decoration, you can put a wall shelf for your recipe books in the kitchen.

Honeycomb backsplash accent tile

If you haven’t made a decision on what kind of backsplash motif you want to apply. There’s nothing wrong with applying a patchwork backsplash, you know. This technique also tests your creativity level. How dare you mix and match ceramics of various colors and motifs in your favorite kitchen? With this patchwork technique backsplash, you can also get a kitchen that is different from the others.

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Chevron backsplash

Chevron ceramic motifs can be used for those of you who like minimalist and neat designs. The chevron motif is one of the unique types of motifs. This motif has a shape similar to the letter ‘V’ and generally consists of a combination of two different colors. This chevron motif can give a unique impression on your kitchen. In addition, the chevron ceramic motif can also make your kitchen look neat.

Stone backsplash

Stone ceramic kitchen accent tile are not much different from wood ceramic motifs, which both have a role to bring a natural feel to your home kitchen. However, you should choose a stone motif color that is bright enough so that your home kitchen does not seem dark and scary. The texture displayed by stone motif kitchen tiles can give its own uniqueness to the appearance of your minimalist kitchen. You can also add green accents such as indoor plants to your home to give it an extra natural feel. In addition, the presence of indoor plants in the kitchen can also refresh the atmosphere of your kitchen.
Mediterranean Symmetrical Pattern

In the selection of wall tiles, Mediterranean-style symmetrical motifs are also suitable to be applied in the kitchen or dining room. It is even more unique if the motifs carried are not only one, but 3 or more different motifs and are installed alternately.

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Choosing a backsplash does require special attention because ceramics will affect the results of the decoration you want to install. Decorating the kitchen is not only about ceramics, but also the furniture and lighting that you choose.

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