38+ The 5-Minute Rule for Coastal Bedroom Interior Design

Coastal style itself is not something new in the world of interior design. It is a house design concept that may be better known as a beach house. This house has an architectural concept and interior construction of a house that is inspired by models of houses on the coast. This time, we will discuss a little about the application of this coastal, or beach house style into the bedroom interior. What will the bedroom look like with this beach-style concept and approach? Will it give birth to a relaxed and cool room atmosphere?

Here’s how to decorate a bedroom to create a “beach-relaxed” atmosphere by applying a coastal style.

Coastal Bedroom Decor with a Soft Color Palette

The coastal style is synonymous with soft color palettes such as white and blue. White color, besides being able to create the impression of a wider room, it can also brighten up the room. As for the blue color, it is very synonymous with the color of the sea and sky. Blue shades that are suitable for this style are actually various, such as navy blue, light blue, navy blue, or even turquoise like turquoise.

The combination of white and blue is the perfect color scheme for decorating a coastal-style room. The striped motif that is characteristic of this style makes the bedroom have a very “beach” atmosphere and atmosphere.

Casual and Simple Furniture Coastal Bedroom

Even if you don’t live in a coastal area, you still have to be consistent in choosing furniture to perfectly apply the coastal design concept. Choose furniture that is casual and simple, and avoid furniture that is glossy or shiny. Instead, choose furniture that is matte. Glossy furniture can reduce your comfort while in the room.

The material used must also be chosen carefully. To support the atmosphere, you can place a choice on wood material. The wood used for this style is light and simple wood, because it is more suited to the tropical style interior concept.

For example, you can use fine white wood that looks old to give it a rustic impression. Why should it be rustic? Because the coastal style is very identical to the rustic interior concept where the use of wood is the most dominant material used. You can also use natural materials to complement the coastal atmosphere in the room. Wood to fake plants can be a sweetener and make the room area look more alive and rich in texture.

Organic materials such as straw or seaweed on furniture, carpets, or other elements can also provide warmth to your bedroom. In addition, other materials such as wicker, sofa, and thick glass can also support the coastal style. A few tips for fabric, choose linen. But if you want something more colorful, go for denim.

Beach Accent Coastal Bedoom Decor

This is the fun part!

Beach accented décor can make the bedroom have a coastal feel instantly and look more aesthetic. Decorative elements such as sea animals, shells, rocks, cranes to sand can be an attractive choice. Some other accents such as anchors, ships, world maps, or compasses can also be alternatives.

You can also display a collection of beach accessories that you collect when you go on vacation to the beach. Apart from being in accordance with the theme, these objects also become memorabilia that will make you always remember your holiday memories.


To apply the coastal style into the bedroom, lighting is one of the most important factors.

Choose large windows to make it easier for natural light to enter the bedroom. Every house in the beach area must have large windows so that natural light and wind from outside can enter the house perfectly. However, if you do not have much access for natural light to enter the room optimally, you can add a lamp or large mirror that is installed opposite the window position.

In addition, the use of a glass table can actually help increase light access so that it can enter the bedroom area. However, glass tables, especially large ones, are rarely used in coastal-style interior concepts. But everything is returned to your choice. You can combine the coastal concept with other design styles that are your favorite and give birth to a beautiful and unique eclectic concept.

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So, what kind of bedroom decorations have you implemented in your home? Can the coastal style be one of the favorite bedroom interior concepts for you and your beloved family?

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