39+ The Most Ignored Fact About Ginger Jars Living Room Uncovered

Despite its name, a ginger jars are more than just a container that was once used to store ginger. These decorative containers originated as a way to store spices. However, since the 18th century, beautiful and sometimes decorative urns have been used primarily as decoration.

Ginger Jars Features

Ginger containers generally have the same shape and are made of porcelain – they all look like vases or grains with broad shoulders. The domed lid rests above the jar opening, though the lid may be missing on antiques. Some traditional pieces come in blue and white porcelain, with designs featuring dragon, landscape, or floral elements. Ginger jars can also be yellow, signifying a gift to the emperor, red for health and longevity, or white as a wedding gift.

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Modern Consumption

Ginger jars are used primarily for decoration in modern times, as spices are sold in many different types of containers. Some collectors group ginger bottles for display on shelves or tables by color or size. Or else you use them as vases for flower arrangements. In some cases, the spice jar is turned into a table lamp – the shape of the jar is similar to the shape of many ceramic lamps.

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