Fraud, Deceptions, and Downright Lies About Soren Chair Exposed

The classic luxury Soren chair offers a feeling of comfort, elegance, elegance and luxury in the living room and specially designed by the hands of its owners. Named Soren, the paper inspired by a vintage chair he saw through the window of an old store. I couldn’t help but wonder what the chair looked like. The continuous design inspired by the work of Søren Holst. He believed that long-term lighting was the most important feature of the furniture and included similar angles.

Mixture of modernity and tradition, the Soren chair recalls the designer and designer George Nakashimas’s back chair. Nakashima describes himself as a “Japanese shaker”, expressing his belief that his creations should seen as a means of everyday life rather than a treasure, including his passion for crafts such as traditional Japanese woodworking and l use of natural materials. By using a straight back chair, Nakashima is able to maintain its beautiful sculpture and good performance even at the production level.

Moreover, he purpose of Room & Board seems similar. Handcrafted in Vermont, Sorens’ steam-bent solid wood structure was designed using the same technology used to build Viking ships. We consider the arms in one piece and wrap the body very well.

How to take care of the Søren chair

  • Daily cleaning with dust
  • If it is dirty, wipe the seat with a damp cloth.
  • Do not touch liquids or chemicals.

Soren chairs are of modern use for great comfort. The sculptures are characteristic of the Soren series. Especially, geometric shapes, bold curves and black steel base create a subtle and playful aesthetic that takes the centerpiece with sophistication. Also, the minimalist view of the narrow tables and backs and the lighting of the projecting base complete Sorens’ modern and architectural design. The frame is made from 100% kiln-dried FSC® certified hardwood to support responsible forest management.

Lauren Flanagan

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