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Why Should Romance Be Delegated to the Living Room? Romantic decor doesn’t have to be relegated to the living room. In fact, it’s easy to bring a soft, romantic vibe to almost any room in the house. Romantic decor can mean different things to different people, but most can agree that romantic rooms are elegant, refined and comfortable to be in, which is why they are great for living rooms. So if you want to lend a romantic atmosphere to your living room (or any room), consider incorporating the following elements.

Romantic Living Room Color

Almost any color can be romantic depending on how it’s used, but people on the whole tend to go with soft pastels and beige tones when they’re looking for the romantic factor in a room. Pinks, lavenders, blues, and shades of light gray are all common, as are whites and creams. There’s still room for bold colors in small doses, but they tend to be traditionally feminine colors like pink. Gold and silver are also great for introducing romance into a room, but try to stick with the brushed version as opposed to polished (which tends to look more contemporary).


Decoration is usually thought of as a visual medium, but touch is a very important element – especially when you’re trying to invoke romantic feelings. The fabric you use should be soft and smooth to the touch. Avoid using a lot of rough fabrics and instead use a blend of cotton, chenille, silk, velvet, cashmere and other luxe fabrics.

Layer them on top of each other to create a sense of depth and luxury. Light, sheer fabrics are also great when seasoned – especially as a window treatment.

Romantic Living Room Pattern

When decorating a romantic living room you may want to include some patterns. If so stick with traditional feminine patterns like florals, botanicals and traditional damask patterns. The traditional chinoiserie is also very romantic and very pretty. And while you can definitely use other patterns like stripes, chevrons and herringbone, you have to be careful that you stick to soft colors or the room will start to take on a more masculine vibe.


Romance is often created through lighting. Soft ambient light is key to evoking a warm and cozy feeling, so make sure you have dimmers for every light in the room. There’s nothing better to instantly change the mood of a room – any room – than dimming the lights. It’s also better so win win!


Furniture should include some decorative embellishments such as tasseled buttons and carved details (not every piece or it would be too much). And while no room is too full of furniture, romantic rooms tend to include more decorative pieces simply because they look great, not just for practical purposes.
Sometimes the difference between a romantic room and an average room is the simplest of details. If you want to increase the romance factor, consider incorporating some of these details into your existing décor:

  1. crystal form
  2. gold accent
  3. wallpapers
  4. go around the furniture
  5. architectural details such as wainscotting or panel molding
  6. fresh flowers


While “romantic” is not a style in itself, it borrows heavily from chic, French, and traditional décor. In fact, Parisian décor is often considered romantic, and the two go hand in hand. So if you’re still not sure how to make your living room look more romantic, take this style for inspiration.

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