35+ New Questions About Blanco Interiores Living Room Answered

The design of the living room has an important role for every home. When you meet someone for the first time, you might build your first impression of that person by seeing the way they dress. It’s the same with the Blanco Interiores living room design. This is the room that people who visit your home will see first.

But what if you live in a small house, so that the space is limited? Relax, by using smart tricks to design a small living room like this, you can really make the living room look modern and contemporary.

With Blanco Interiores Living Room Design Use neutral colors

You can use neutral colors such as ivory, brown, or gray for the basic color of the living room walls. Neutral and warm colors can create the illusion of a wider room in your small house. In addition, these colors can also blend with any furniture color.

Wood elements give a clean impression

Although wood elements are often identical materials used in classic-style homes, it is undeniable that this one material can also be the perfect blend for a modern-style house. The use of wood motif floors produces a modern feel well. Coupled with a number of furniture such as sofas and shelves of the same tone, adding to the impression of a clean and warm living room.

Blanco Interiores Living Room : Monochrome living room to create a luxurious impression

The combination of black and white basic colors is indeed widely implemented in minimalist homes. No wonder, because these colors are able to create the impression of luxury and modern. A small sofa and a round table like the one above make the room look simple but still elegant. Plus, a chandelier with a matching color can sweeten your minimalist living room design.

All-white exposed brick for a Scandinavian-style minimalist home

Exposed brick walls painted white give the impression of being warm, clean, and airy. A living room design with white exposed brick like this is suitable for your Scandinavian interior style house. So that it doesn’t look boring, add flashy decorations, such as colorful pillowcases and patterned rugs like the picture above.

Take advantage of windows for natural light

The right lighting can also create a wide effect for a small living room. Arrange furniture to create a more functional zone. Multiply lighting sources, both from lights and natural light. Rely on large windows to get natural sunlight so the house looks more spacious.

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