37+ The Pitfall of Beach Cottages

The beach in the morning and evening can indeed provide a very beautiful view. Seeing the sunrise and sunset, enjoying the waves, feeling the wind blowing are some of the things that we can definitely enjoy on the beach. Especially if we have a cottages by the beach, the warm feel and the blowing wind will spoil our daily life.

Most of the beach is use as a place to travel, if we have a cottages on the beach we can also participate in opening a business around the cottages. Very beneficial isn’t it, having a cottage by the beach has many advantages. We can avoid the hustle and bustle of the urban world that seems to never rest. To make this beach cottage design, we can design it according to the concept we want so that we can enjoy the comfort of ourselves and our families more optimally when occupying this beachfront cottage.

Tips for Designing a Cottage on the Beach:

1. Pay attention to soil conditions to build beach cottages

It is very important for us to pay attention to the condition of the soil, so that our cottage buildings do not sink. Because the land on the beach tends to be easily erode and sinks, of course choose a location with good conditions.

2. Make a cottage with a high foundation

The foundation of the cottage on the beach does need to be made higher, in order to avoid the tide of sea water. If the sea water overflows of course with a high foundation, our cottage is safe from the tide.

3. Wide glass window design for beach cottages

Designing a cottage on the beach using a wide glass design, apart from being a medium so you can enjoy the beach view from inside the cottage. It can also help maximize air circulation in the cottage. Using wide glass, will make the design of the cottage on the beach that we have looks modern. By using a wide glass design, we also have to place high curtains to cover the windows during the day, so that the sunlight entering the cottage does not dazzle the eyes.

4. Do not choose material from iron or steel

Do not choose material from iron or steel, because sea water contains salt. Materials made of iron or steel will quickly rust and eventually become brittle. To avoid this from happening, choose the right material for the location of the cottage. The design of the cottage on the beach is usually designed like a cottage on stilts using wood material. To support the natural impression of this wooden beachfront cottage, we can use coconut leaves, or welit as the roof of the cottage on the beach. The natural and natural feel of a cottage on the beach will be more pronounced coupled with a warm beach atmosphere.

5. Design a terrace in front of the cottage or balcony as a place to relax

Adding an open terrace design in front of the cottage with comfortable chairs will spoil us and our family. Relaxing together after doing activities, enjoying the warm sea breeze, and looking at the vast ocean view is certainly very pleasant. Or making a balcony terrace on the top floor of the cottage, we can also make the right choice to relax with family.

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Hopefully the tips in making a beach cottage design above can help a lot, especially if we are careful and precise in determining the stage of cottage construction, of course we will get a cottage as we expect. We will have an attractive and comfortable beachfront cottage design soon. Good luck.

Betsy Joanne Summers

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