37+ What You Should Do to Find Out About Luxurious Bedrooms Before You’re Left Behind

Bedroom is a personal space to be a place to rest and unwind. A comfortable and functional bedroom design will certainly make its function optimally. Both as a place to rest and as a place that affects the mood when you wake up in the morning. One of the design styles that prioritizes comfort is luxury interior design, where in addition to being comfortable, your bedrooms will also seem luxurious.

Then, how about the bedroom with the luxury design concept? Here are tips and things you can apply to make your dream luxury room come true!

Luxurious Bedrooms : Know the room size and adapt!

The application of luxury design is not a must to have a large or wide room. The first thing you should know is the size of the room and estimate what you will and will not add in it. For example, if you have a relatively small room, you do not need to add a large sofa in your bedroom.

By knowing the size of the room and estimating what things you will need, will make the bedroom have the right composition. You will be free from the drama of “too many things” which makes the room look cramped even though it is quite spacious. Or quite the opposite, the room feels empty even though you have included everything you need.

Decide which theme to highlight

The next thing you need to consider in presenting a bedroom with a luxury design style is a theme or concept. Although luxury design is a design style, you can combine it with other themes or concepts. For example, modern, contemporary concepts or certain design styles such as Victorian or Scandinavian styles.
This needs to be planned from the start because it will affect the overall planning and work. Including the selection of items that will be used and the items needed as part of the room decoration. You may also need to customize colors and designs or order certain furniture according to your desired preferences.

Luxurious Bedrooms : Choose accessories and furniture according to the theme

The perfect design is a design that gives a distinctive feel and can be easily identified what you want to highlight in it. Therefore, the furniture and decorative items that you will use must be in accordance with the theme that you have decided previously. This will be a characteristic that will bring a certain nuance to your bedroom.

Furthermore, the consistency of the theme with the furniture you need should also be considered. Make sure you buy items that match and align with the theme that will be raised and highlighted in it. If needed, you may need to order furniture with a customized design style to uniform it so that everything looks harmonious with each other.

Luxurious Bedrooms : Adjust the lighting

Basically, lighting is crucial in highlighting certain types of design styles. Starting with natural lighting through windows, to artificial lighting from lamps. It is highly recommended for you to pay attention to the selection of materials and the color of the lights that you will use. Although it looks trivial, in fact lighting is the giver of the feel for luxury interior design in your room.

The type of lighting that is most suitable for room lighting is ambient lighting or ambient lighting. Where the lighting does not directly illuminate the room like the lighting in the main room. This type of lighting will also present a softer light so as to provide a more comfortable feel for your bedroom.

Add a painting or wall decoration

Paintings are standard decorations that can also be used as reinforcing items for a design style. This is one thing that you should not forget in arranging a bedroom with a luxury design style. In addition to adding to the beauty of the decoration, certain paintings can also bring luxury that will highlight the design that you apply.

You can choose an abstract painting that looks classy, ​​or a famous object painting that gives the impression of luxury. You can also dedicate one of your walls as a place for a large painting. Another option is to choose another wall decor such as with wallpaper or with a smaller object to install.

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The most recommended type of natural stone for your bedroom floor is marble. Most types of marble, especially white ones, can be used well even if you apply a luxury design with a certain touch of style. In addition, white marble also provides a comfortable feel for you.


You can also use marble as your bed headboard material for a more classy and luxurious look. You can consult your interior designer or with a marble provider to discuss the design you want.


The application of natural stone on the walls of the bedroom is nothing new. You can install marble on one side of your bedroom wall or feature a piece of onyx with surrounding lighting for a super luxurious look. A suitable side for marble or onyx walls is on the same side as the headboard of the bed.


You can also use natural stone on the furniture that you use in the bedroom, for example as a nightstand or dressing table. You can use the same type of natural stone you would use on your headboard or walls. Natural stones with a “luxury” feel such as marble and granite are the most suitable for this.

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