38+ Kids Toy Room Decor the Ultimate Convenience!

No need to worry about your kids not having a toy room just because your house is not spacious enough. Because in fact, the toy room does not have to be as large as a public playground. A good kids toy room is a space that can free your kids  to play. This room is safe as well as a place to educate them like the principle of “play while learning”. The toy room that is too large often looks empty. This room filled with various kinds of toys of various sizes. Assessed can increase the risk of minor accidents that can occur to your son and daughter. Then, how do you build a play space that is fun and safe for a small room?

Tips for Building a Kids toy room for a Narrow House

1. Kids Toy Room Decor : choose the right room paint or wallpaper

As we already know, paint the room can greatly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room. The reason is, each color can emit a different impression. Moreover, these colors are proven to affect one’s character. For kids  rooms, choose wallpaper or bright colors such as yellow, green, light blue, or orange, which will make your kids toy room feel more alive. These colors are also proven to stimulate the intelligence and active side of your little one. In addition, choosing a bright color as the dominant color of the toy room. This can also make a narrow room look and feel a little wider.

2. Store Toys in a Storage Cabinet

A messy toy room is not only dangerous for the safety of your baby, but also can reduce the space area. If your kids is one of the kids  who likes to collect lots of toys, it is better if you buy a stacking rack as a place to store toys. That way, the toys will not be scattered anywhere, but neatly tucked away on the shelf, and certainly won’t be trampled by kids . Keep a stacking shelf or storage box in the corner of the room against the wall. This will make your kids can play freely in the middle of the room without worrying about hitting the shelf.

3. Choose a room that has air ventilation

Naturally kids , the toy room will surely become their favorite place, where they will spend almost all of their time there. Therefore, even though it is narrow, this room must be built as comfortable as possible so that your kids  get fun and quality playtime.

Smooth air circulation is one of the most important factors that can support the above goals. Air circulation in a narrow room is very limited. If the room does not have ventilation, it will feel hotter and humid compared to a large room. You can also choose to buy a standing fan if the room you choose does not allow windows to be built.

4. Limit the number of toys in the kids toy room

Studies conducted by the University of Toledo prove that kids who have limited toys tend to grow up to be more creative. The results of the study said that with the few toys they have, kids  imagination will grow along with their “needs” for toys. Meanwhile, kids  who have a lot of toys tend to more easily distracted because they often move from one toy to the next. In addition, having too many toys will only narrow their play space, making it difficult for kids  to move around freely.

5. Kids Toy Room Decor : Select an Appropriate Toy Size

After keeping the number of toys in your little one’s room, you should also think about their size. Limiting the number of toys does not mean that you can bring large toys into the house.

Large toys such as remote cars and houses cannot put carelessly in a kids  room because in addition to making them cramped, their presence can also endanger their safety. If you have already rewarded the kids with a large toy, keep it in the corner of the room or stick it to the wall so that it doesn’t block the toy room.

6. Avoid Putting Furniture as A Display

Unlike other rooms that we can decorate with our favorite furniture, children’s playroom needs to be set aside only to be used as a place to play. This means that you are not advised to place unauthorized furniture such as statues, or other room decorations. The furniture needed for the children’s playroom is only a pair of small tables and chairs. In addition, the carpet for the seat on the floor. Let the wallpaper or paint the color of the toy room play a big role in keeping the room decor looking lively and cool.

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7. Set the lighting

Last, but not least, a good kids room design is a room that has good lighting. Perfect lighting will make a room appear more spacious and clean. As the first option, choose white lights as the dominant light. You can add a sticky lamp or a table lamp as an extra if the toy room is not too bright at night.

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