40+ Bali Living Room Interior Design at a Glance

Living room designs that use traditional styles such as Balinese, usually use more furniture made of dark brown wood. So that the ethnic character that is raised can look stronger and more real. But on the other hand, the dominant brown color often makes the Bali Living Room look dark and creates a heavy impression.

To overcome problems like this there are several ways you can do to create a bright atmosphere in a Balinese style living room. One of the easiest ways to do this is to combine the main material of wood with other elements that are lighter in color. An example is the living room in a villa house in the Canggu area as shown in the picture.

The Chairs

The chairs are used to sit and receive guests using sofa chairs that are shaped like the letter L. The foam for the seats and backrests are given a cream color cover. This color is also used on the walls, making the room look brighter and more radiant.

This sofa chair is equipped with a sitting pillow, the cover cloth uses a brown Balinese motif. Some other pillowcases use a round motif and use a blend of white and red, brown or maroon.

As for the table, it uses dark brown wood and uses a very beautiful ethnic style, especially on the legs. The shape is large, curved and forms a convex line. This table is equipped with tuberose flower decorations placed in a vase that looks like a tube. The material used to make the vase is woven from bamboo or rattan.

Apart from tuberose flowers, there are other decorations in the form of wooden boxes. The color is also brown but a little lighter. Another decoration that is small in size and looks like a padlock is also placed next to the plate and uses the same ingredients.

In front of the coffee table and chairs, there is another piece of furniture that looks like a long bench and has a rather high size. The bench, which also uses dark brown wood, is decorated with carvings placed on the side. The legs have a very unique look with a slightly angled outward and slightly curved shape.

Furthermore, for the ceiling, it also presents a very ethnic impression because it is covered with a wooden arrangement that is also dark in color. As for the floor, it uses wooden floors but uses a much lighter brown color.

Window and Roof for Bali Living Room

The windows and doors on the front also have a very beautiful appearance. There are three windows equipped with air vents attached to the windows. The frame uses clear glass. This glass is divided into four parts and arranged horizontally which are joined together with small wood.

A very large door, located on the right side of the window. The design style uses the same concepts as the design for windows. The door leaf uses a folding system and uses rails to open or close it. This door is also equipped with air vents that are parallel to the vents on the windows. The size is also exactly the same.

The roof of this room uses a thatched roof which at the bottom can be seen clearly from inside the room. With the concept of using color and choosing furniture like this, besides looking brighter, the appearance of the room can also present a more luxurious and elegant impression.

The beauty of this atmosphere is increasingly visible with the use of a lighting system that uses bright yellow lights that are attached to the edges and corners of the upper room.

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