40+ Farmhouse Floral Arrangement , Ideas

Nowadays, farmhouse decoration with floral arrangement is in vogue. Not only make the house beautiful, but flowers can also help clean the air so that the house becomes fresher. Unfortunately, if the flowers are placed carelessly, it will make a stuffy impression. So that this doesn’t happen, follow the tips for arranging flowers in the house below. Do you also like indoor flowers? There are several things that must be considered in arranging it. Learn carefully about the types of plants, colors, to the size of the flowers so that you can arrange them well and make the house more beautiful.

Use an Iron Pot for Farmhouse Floral Arrangement

If placing flowers indoors or indoors, it may be possible to rearrange the plants every few months. You also have to routinely dry plants that do need more sunlight outdoors. For convenience, it’s best to use a painted metal or glass pot instead of a clay pot. This is because iron pots do not break easily like clay pots, so they are easy to move around. Iron pots and glass pots also have many interesting patterns and motifs so that they can add to the splendor. In addition, you can take advantage of used items such as used cans or bottles for flower pots. Invite the children to make their own creation pots.

Farmhouse Floral Arrangement : Adjust the House Color

One of the tips for arranging flowers in the house is to adjust the plants to the color of the house, both the color of the furniture and the color of the wall paint. Choose a matching color that is not too contrasting so that the flowers in the room remain eye-catching. If you are confused, choose a pot in a muted color like beige, white, or gray that is easy to fit anywhere. Don’t forget to pay attention to the color of the leaves, because there are plants that have dark green leaves and pale light green. Arrange the plants in such a way as to be beautiful.

Farmhouse Floral Arrangement : Avoid Using Large Plants in Small Rooms

If you want to decorate a room with flowers, first consider the size of the room. Avoid using large plants in a small room because it will give the impression of being cramped and cramped. To decorate a small room such as a bathroom, use small plants and pots such as cacti or small succulents. If you put a large plant in a large room, mix it with several small flower pots.

Place it in the corner of the room

To beautify the farmhouse theme room, place a flower pot in the corner of the room. You can use a coffee table or a small nightstand as a flower bed. Using wall shelves or shelves can also be an attractive alternative. It’s not that you can’t put flowers in the middle of the room. It is possible to place a medium or large plant in the center of the room as a focal point. However, make sure that the location of the flowers does not interfere with daily activities at home.

Choose Plants That Are Suitable For Indoor Life

It is important to choose plants that are suitable to be placed in the room as part of the decoration. Learn in advance about the needs of the plant before deciding to buy it. Some plants that can easily live and care for indoors include cacti, lavender, succulents, and lilies. Make sure the flowers in the house can get enough sunlight to keep them fresh. If you don’t want a real plant, you can replace it with a faux or dried one.

Group by Odd Number

You can arrange plants by grouping them in an odd number. Also use the pyramid principle in arranging the position of the pot. Large plants can be placed in the back, while smaller plants can be stored in the front. Also arrange the plants based on their height. For example, keep a tall plant in the right corner, then follow other, lower plants in sequence to the left.

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Maximize your hanging pots

In addition to regular pots, you can also use hanging pots to decorate the room. Placing hanging plants will not take up much space and are far from being cramped. There are several variations of hanging pots on the market, for example, macrame-style pots that are unique and suitable for bohemian-style homes. Vines such as ivory betel can be placed in this hanging pot. Take time regularly to trim hanging plants so that they are not too dense and instead fill the room. So, those are the tips and how to arrange flowers in the house. Don’t forget to regularly clean the plants and pots every week so that the cleanliness in the house is also maintained.

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