40+ Secret Shortcuts to Makeup Organization Only the Pros Know

Girls, paying attention to how to store skincare and makeup properly is important. However, arranging skincare and makeup neatly is just as important. In addition to a tidier table, good skincare and makeup storage will also prolong the life of your skincare and makeup because they are not crushed or exposed to direct sunlight. How to organize skincare and makeup to make it neat also doesn’t cost a fortune, in fact, you probably already have most of the items that you can use as a way to store skincare and makeup. That is why no need to wait a little bit longer for makeup organization!.

4 Ways to Store Skincare and Makeup Without Expensive Costs

Makeup Organization : Mason jar or jar for makeup brush container

Now, you no longer need to store unused mason jars in the cupboard until they get dusty. You can use it to store your makeup brushes! Just fill the jar with sand or coffee beans, and arrange the makeup brush in it in a standing position. In addition, this way of styling skincare and makeup will extend the life of your brushes because makeup brushes are not exposed to dirt that might be on your dresser or makeup bag.

Makeup Organization : Cake holder for perfume

Usually used to arrange cakes at tea time, this place is very useful for arranging scattered perfumes. In addition, the cake stand that is used to arrange perfume will give a girly impression in your room.

Makeup Organization : Use a hanging bucket

When your room has small and few storage areas, you can use a hanging bucket as a place to store skincare and makeup. Because the hanging bucket has many large pockets, you can use it to store medium or large skincare and makeup.

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Cotton Containers

Have you ever watched a DIY video where a used tube was then punched into the bottom to put the cotton into a kind of dispenser. It’s really creative, but how come I think about it later when it gets hit with dust it won’t be hygienic for the face. So, I have an idea if you want to save cotton without fear of getting dust. You can save it in a clear jar. Jars can be anything, the important thing is that they are made of glass so they don’t fall. If you want plastic, it’s fine, but if you can find a thick material.

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