40+ The Insider Secrets for Heavy Duty Flower Planter Discovered

Apart from being a place to put plants, flower planters can also enhance the aesthetics of a house. With a flower planter, you can put various kinds of plants more neatly. However, the many flower planter models make it difficult for you to choose, right Flower planter are used to arrange plant pots to make them look neater. Apart from being called a flower planter, there are also those who call it a flower stand or plant shelf. However, they all have the same meaning that refers to a place to place a potted plant.

Materials such as iron, plastic, wood, or rattan are mostly used for flower planters. All of these materials have different characteristics, appearance and texture. Apart from rattan, all of these materials can be used, both indoors and outdoors such as porches or gardens.

How to choose one

When choosing a flower planter, you will find a variety of differences based on the materials used. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For that, make sure to choose a flower planter that suits your needs. Choose based on the appearance and durability of the material. Most of the materials used for flower shelves are metal, wood, or plastic. All three have a different appearance and durability. Therefore, you must know each of its functions so that it can be adjusted according to your needs.

Iron shelf Flower Planter, looks stylish and more durable

Iron flower planter has the advantage of a stylish and sturdy design. Many of the metal shelves have unique looks, such as those designed to resemble vines and so on. Iron flower planters are usually seen most prominently in a furniture or household store. Apart from having a strong Western-style feel, the metal shelves look more stylish than any other material. On the other hand, there are also many iron flower planters with simple designs like metal racks in general. Yes, iron racks do offer a variety of shelf models, from the simplest to the most detailed. That way, you can easily make choices according to taste.

The advantage of the iron flower planter is that it is not easily damaged even if it is used for a long time. Iron material is also known to be more stable and sturdy to support many potted plants. The drawback is that the iron material is easier to rust when placed outside the room at risk of being exposed to rainwater. Iron shelves also have a heavy weight, making it easy to scratch the floor of your home. That is why you need to be more careful when placing it indoors. In addition, iron shelves are also difficult to move when they contain plants. So, if you have to change its position, you will be more bothered to rearrange it.

Wooden shelf Flower Planter, giving a more natural impression

Wooden flower planters are suitable for any type of plant. By design, this shelf is indeed simpler than iron shelves. However, the wooden shelf gives a more natural impression. Wooden shelves are also suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Not only that, the warmth of wood materials combined with beautiful flowers will create a harmony that gives a calming effect.

A flower planter made of wood is suitable for those of you who like a warm room or a room with a natural touch. This material is interesting to use because it fits perfectly with any flower type and color. For those of you who like Asian nuanced rooms, rattan shelf material is perfect to choose from.

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The disadvantage of this material is that it is easily damaged when placed outdoors for a long time and is difficult to clean. When placed in a damp place, the shelf can get moldy and won’t dry out easily when it’s wet. For a wooden flower planter, you can put it outdoors. However, for rattan material shelves, it should be placed indoors only.

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