Fresh and Creative Outdoor Patio Secrets

Like the family room and bedroom, outdoor patio is a continuation of someone’s living space in the house area. Apart from being an alternative space to welcome guests, outdoor patio can also be an escape room to enjoy the outside air for a moment, or to sit back and relax while drinking tea or coffee in the afternoon.

Before you decorate or design a patio in your dream house, it is important for you to first identify several types of patios that exist:

  1. Open patio: The design most often used for front patios. Sometimes it combined with a low stepping as an intermediary from the garage to outdoor patio.
  2. Closed patio: This design uses a lot of glass and windows so that sunlight can still enter and the outdoor atmosphere can still felt even though the room closed. Some apartments have this kind of patio.
  3. Screeened patio: This design is very useful in this Indonesia which is actually plagued by a lot of insects (like mosquitoes). The function of the screen is to filter out these insects and create a cool sensation in outdoor patio area.
  4. Patio surrounds: This design is rarely used in modern homes because it takes up a large area of ​​land, more often it is in old houses. The shape of this patio surrounds at least two sides of the house.

Here are some tips for those of you who want to fill outdoor patio of your house or apartment.

1. Make sure you use waterproof for outdoor patio furniture

For an open or screened patio, the furniture on outdoor patio will definitely splashed by rainwater. Moreover, the rainy season in Indonesia is half a year long, it is important for you to buy furniture that is basically waterproof so that it becomes a long-term investment. Usually furniture made from synthetic rattan or iron that has coated with waterproof paint. The seat or back upholstery should also use a waterproof upholstery.

2. The wood material for outdoor patio furniture must be finished with a coating to be waterproof

For wood-based furniture or flooring, apply a waterproof protective liquid so that the wood material will not easily damaged. You can use finishing paints such as Biovarnish wood stain which is a water-based wood stain product and acrylic emulsion which functions to color while providing waterproof protection on the wood substrate and providing a transparent final finishing result. This biovarnish is also environmentally friendly, odorless and non-toxic because it does not use alcohol, thinner and organic solvents.

3. Place ornamental plants to beautify (as well as ward off mosquitoes)

Green plants can give a fresh impression to the house, including for outdoor patio area. We have discussed several choices of types of ornamental plants for outdoor patio of the house. But actually, apart from decorating outdoor patio and garden, plants can also function as natural mosquito repellents. Some of the anti-mosquito plants that you can plant on outdoor patio include:

  1. Lavender
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Geranium
  4. Lemon balm
  5. Zodia

4. Add pop of color using cute pillows

The choice of outdoor furniture may be in mostly neutral or basic colors. If you want to play with colors or patterns, try adding a pillow. Besides being able to brighten up the appearance of outdoor patio, pillows can also create a comfortable atmosphere.

Water-resistant pillows usually use vinyl or polyacrylic fabric and filling. However, most of the cushion covers that sold are not waterproof because they are based on wood or linen. Relax, there is a solution! If your pillow is not waterproof yet, you can use iron-on-vinyl or a waterproof spray such as Aobo Super Hydrophobic Nano Spray Coating to reduce the possibility of water seeping into the pillow. Super simple, right?

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5. Use a canopy or blinds so that outdoor patio is more shady

For those of you who have an open patio, you can add a canopy or blinds to help ward off rain or sun exposure. The cloth canopy is suitable for small patio areas with minimalist furniture, perfect for creating an atmosphere like an outdoor mini cafe. Umbrella canopy is suitable for placing a canopy that does not rest against the wall. Umbrella canopy is very flexible because it can moved and closed easily. You can stop by Megakanopi to find a wide selection of fabric canopies.

If your patio already has a roof, maybe you can add shades or blinds that can be opened and closed. The choice can be to use a variety of roller blinds for a simple, modern style, or bamboo / wooden blinds if you want a more natural look. A few short, practical and easy tips that hopefully can help you in the process of designing a patio for your house or apartment. Having a patio, big or small, is actually a privilege for those of us who live in this city. Outdoor patio gives us the opportunity to enjoy the outside air for a while, so it’s well guarded!

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