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Lately, the use of Essential Oil Diffusers is really popular because of the busy use of essential oils. This oil believed to have many good benefits for health. Actually, there are many ways to give fragrance to your homes apart from using an Essential Oil Diffuser. One of them is with Aromatherapy Candles and Reed Diffuser. Then, what’s the difference? Basically, these three objects both use diffused essential oils to create a fragrant room. However, essential oil diffuser, aromatherapy candles and reed diffuser work are different, so the type of fragrance they produce is different. Let’s explore these three magical objects!

Candles and Diffuser Essential Oil

There are many types of essential oil diffusers, but here I will discuss the electric diffuser that uses electricity. There are several types of essential oil diffusers that people mostly seek in the market, namely the Nebulizing Diffuser and the Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Candles and Diffuser Essential Oil : Nebulizing Diffuser

If you need a strong fragrance, then Nebulizing Diffuser is the perfect choice. Nebulizing Diffuser is a diffuser that uses airflow to disperse the fragrance of essential oils. The way it works is by flowing a jet of air through a tube containing essential oil so that a vacuum occurs which draws the oil from the tube and expels it into the air in the form of a thin mist. Because the Nebulizing Diffuser does not dilute oil, the resulting fragrance is stronger and can reach wider areas such as the living room and family room. The diffused oil particles do not change so that the resulting fragrance is not much different from the original fragrance. However, the oil used becomes more wasteful because it is directly flowed into the air.

Candles and Diffuser Essential Oil : Ultrasonic Diffuser

On the other hand, if you need an essential oil-efficient diffuser for a tight space, the Ultrasonic Diffuser is the right choice. Ultrasonic Diffuser itself is a diffuser that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down essential oil molecules. Unlike the Nebulizing Diffuser, the Ultrasonic Diffuser uses water dripped with Essential Oil, so that the resulting steam contains more moisture. Due to its moist nature, the resulting fragrance is not as strong as a nebulizing diffuser.

The advantage is that the Ultrasonic Diffuser is easier to clean and more energy efficient. But remember, you still have to clean it, or else the water tank in the diffuser can be filled with moss and even mold. The advantages of an electric diffuser like this are usually there is a timer feature and sometimes there is a light to adjust the ambience for your room. You can read the comparison of cheap and expensive ultrasonic diffusers in the previous colorful poison posts!

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are one of the choices of room deodorizers available for various types of budgets, ranging from cheap to more expensive than electric diffusers. Anyway the price adjusts. There are also many basic ingredients of aromatherapy candles, some of which use paraffin wax, beeswax, and soywax. The types of axes also vary, some use a cotton wick, some use a wooden wick.

The level of fragrance produced by aromatherapy candles varies depending on the type and level of essential oil used. The drawback is the sharpness of the aroma produced before and when it is burned, so it tends to be more difficult to choose the right aroma. For a more natural option, you can choose candles made from beeswax or soywax.

Beeswax candles usually have a warmer, brighter light while soywax candles usually produce a slightly white light. Because beeswax comes from a denser material, wax from beeswax tends to last longer than soy wax. They are also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly because they come from renewable materials. So if you are considering the use of electricity at home, Aromatherapy Candles can be the right choice. The drawback of aromatherapy candles is that they use fire, so you can’t leave the candle burning, especially before going to bed. Besides that, we also can’t put flammable things near the candle! Later it doesn’t smell like aromatherapy, but smells charred.

Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffuser is a diffuser that uses Reeds sticks dipped in essential oil to produce a fragrance that spreads throughout the room. The Reed Diffuser uses no electricity and can be refilled with our preferred aromatherapy when it runs out. This is an alternative for those who need air freshener with essential oils without electricity. Because it doesn’t use electricity and fire, Reed Diffuser is safe to use anywhere and can be left behind. The disadvantage of Reed Diffuser is that you have to periodically flip the reeds. In addition, the choice of fragrance cannot be replaced immediately, such as the ultrasonic diffuser. Besides that, if the air circulation in the room is not too good, the smell of the Reed Diffuser will not smell clearly either.

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If you need a diffuser that can be adjusted according to your needs and want to change your fragrance at will, buy a nebulizing diffuser or ultrasonic diffuser. However, if you prefer a soft scent complete with romantic candlelight, buy an aromatherapy candle. On the other hand, if you are not a good fire controller, buy a reed diffuser. Anyway, just adjust it to your needs.

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