40+ A Review of Sweet Easter Decor

This year, Easter is on April 21, 2019. One of these Christian holidays is very synonymous with eggs. The meaning of the Easter egg itself is considered a symbol of awakening or new life. Even when arrives, it is not uncommon for children to participate in many activities to decorate or look for the eggs. Then a few days before, there were many decorations that depicted the atmosphere of the holiday.

Starting from table arrangement to home page decorations with distinctive accents, namely Easter eggs and typical spring colors. For you who celebrate it, but are still confused about home decorations in welcoming Easter. Here are some decorations that you can make yourself at home.

5 Unique and Practical Easter Sweet Decorations Ideas at Home

Easter Egg Tree

To add to the decoration of the atmosphere of Easter at home, you can make a tree with egg accents. You can make this tree yourself by collecting sturdy branches or buying a series of plastic tree trunks. Then you attach various kinds of eggs using hot glue or hot glue with a ribbon hanging from the stem and add some ornaments such as flowers. Place this Easter egg tree in the corner of the living room of your house.

Wreath Egg

Easter decorations can be even more cool by making wreaths. Usually, this wreath will be found at Christmas celebrations. No need to wait for Christmas, you can present this item at Easter. Of course something is different! This wreath is of course equipped with decorative eggs.

Easter Decorations by Decorating the Dining Table

Having finished making Easter eggs, now is the time to decorate the dining table as well. Why should the dining table? Of course it will be very nice to gather with loved ones. The dining atmosphere will certainly be much more festive with simple decorations. Present some decorative eggs in several corners of the dining table. Also use cutlery or brightly colored tablecloths. This is done to balance the color of the eggs on display.

Easter Decoration with Vases of Branches or Flowers

You can also decorate other parts of the house. One of them is to use a twig or flower in a vase. Hang the decorative eggs on the twig or flower decoration. If the twig or flower is not strong enough to support the weight of the egg, you can use imitation decorative eggs. Hang some eggs and place this vase in the most visible corner of the house. Some corners that you can choose from, such as tables in the living room, family room, or at the dining table.

Give Unique Decoration in Every Corner of the House

Feel that something is still missing? If so, we also present other decorations related to Easter. Well, you can make a unique decoration. It doesn’t have to be eggs, try making other rabbit-shaped decorations This decoration can be attached to the wall or left hanging using a rope.

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