40+ Purchasing Eclectic Home Design

When thinking about home interior design, the style or concept you want to carry is something that immediately comes to mind. Minimalist, rustic, farmhouse, bohemian or Scandinavian? If you are confused, it is okay to actually combine several design styles into one space. This combination of several interior design styles is called eclectic design.

Unlike other interior designs, the eclectic style is quite unique because it provides a challenge to mix several kinds of designs that eventually provide a lot of inspiration with freedom of expression. Arranging a house or apartment with an interior design that suits you will definitely add to your own happiness and make us feel more at home, right? Before starting, let’s first find out 6 tips for bringing eclectic designs in the interior of the house so that the final result and atmosphere are what you expect.

Choose a color for eclectic home design

Determine from the start your color palette as this will help create a harmonious and uncluttered home interior. We recommend that you start from neutral colors, then add color accents, whether light or dark, to the space you design with an eclectic style. Keep in mind that darker colors can create a dramatic impression, while lighter colors create a calmer, cleaner impression. Choose a color that matches your style.

Playing patterns for eclectic home design

In order not to seem too crowded, many home interiors generally use minimal patterns. However, these rules will change if you carry an eclectic interior design. Try applying various motifs or patterns on carpets, curtains, cushions, and other soft furnishings. Can be polka dots, damask, or flowers. The mix and match of these motifs or patterns will add a fun atmosphere to an eclectic design space.

Contrasting textures for eclectic home design

Not only patterns and colors, the blend of contrasting or contrasting textures is also the main characteristic of eclectic designs. For example, you can match furniture from “heavy” textures such as exposed bricks, marble, wood, and steel with “smooth” textures, namely soft pillows, woven carpets, and so on. Such a match can present a unique ambience that is rarely owned by ordinary homes.

Combination of various types of furniture

Another way to organize a home interior that reflects an eclectic design is to include furniture that varies in design style. However, keep in mind that this method cannot be fast because you need to collect the furniture first. For example, suppose you collect soft furnishings that are Bohemian style. Then, for the furniture, you choose a mix style between vintage and Scandinavian. As for the decoration, you use the traditional concept. Keep in mind, as long as you are looking for furniture to complement an eclectic style space, you have to make a plan so that the final design does not appear to overlap.

Presenting a focal point

When you arrange the layout of the room, keep in mind that the focal point in the room must remain present even if the style you are stretching is an eclectic style. Accentuate something eye catching like accents on walls, chandeliers, or flashy decorative items.

Make sure it doesn’t get messy

The success of eclectic designs in giving a unified impression even though they come from a variety of different styles does not happen without planning. Everything starts from the concept so that there is continuity. It is important that you make sure that the final result does not appear messy.

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