37+ Fraud, Deceptions, and Downright Lies About Frankford Shower Door Exposed

Showers are an essential component of most bathroom designs, contributing to the room’s aesthetics, property value, and functionality. For these reasons, many homeowners prefer to install a shower door rather than a curtain. With so many different configurations and styles of shower enclosure doors, we will focus on the Frankford Shower Door for the time being.

Frankford Framed Shower Door

Because the frame supports the door, Frankford framed shower doors have thinner glass. The glass is lock into the frame to prevent water leaks, and the frame can be smooth or textured. This type of door has advantages such as being less expensive, fully sealed, having sliding doors available, and requiring less complicated installation. However, there are numerous drawbacks, such as : Aluminum frames may corrode over time, are less attractive than semi-frameless and frameless shower doors, are more difficult to clean, and may shatter.

Enclosure Materials

Frankford framed shower doors are typically made of tempered glass to make them easier to clean. Glass is also has a protective layer to keep it sparkling for years. Initially these shower doors designed with blackened steel, but later switched to stainless steel to eliminate the possibility of corrosion over time. After fabrication, each component is a black, hand-put coating that resembles blackened steel.

On one side, this new configuration based on the Frankford Panel Series creates a glass enclosure beneath a tilting transom. Each panel build of blackened steel and clear laminated glass, and the door pulls are hand finish in champagne bronze. This system’s traditional detailing harkens back to a time when doors and hardware were create to fit the space rather than the other way around.

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Frankford Shower Door Enclosure Lifespans

Because they are made of aluminum, Frankford framed shower doors are more likely to collect mineral deposits and corrode. Powder coating can help to prevent this, extending the life of the door.

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