37+ The Tried and True Method for Kids’ Room Color in Step by Step Detail

For parents, choosing a wall color that is suitable for your kids’ room is one of the things that you should consider. Obviously you want an impressive space for your little one to play and learn later. It is also easy for them to sleep at night.

Here are some tips for you to get creative in making a room suitable for children:

Choose a suitable paint type

Choose wall paint that can be washed because sometimes children like to draw walls and turn them into colorful canvases filled with their imaginations. So, you might want something that is easy to clean and also able to maintain as a mini project.

In addition, make sure that the paint you use does not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead. Choose a paint that smells good, is made of water, and is certified low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Because if VOCs are inhaled for a long time, it can cause respiratory problems or allergies in children.

Choose a solid color or a combination of two colors for kid’s room

If your child is very young, try painting the room a solid color or a two-toned color combination. Both of these options tend to last a long time and easily adapt to bedroom accessories, such as beds, bookshelves, and toys as your little one grows.

Pastel colors like green, pink, and blue are suitable colors for children to sleep and also play. These colors are the right choice as the base color for the baby’s room. Soft, warm, and subtle whites can also reflect a relaxing space. Meanwhile, the pink that attracts attention can make the room feel comfortable and peaceful. On the other hand, the blue and green colors that are synonymous with nature have a calming effect. These two colors can make your little one relax after a full day of activities. Pastel lime colors, like mint green are also great for boys and girls to give off a refreshing feel. In addition, this color is also pleasing to the eye and makes it easy for children to sleep better.

Add pop of color to create a sense of excitement and creativity in your kids’ room

Some older children tend to prefer multi-colored rooms rather than dwelling on just one color, when their walls are filled with strong colors, such as red and yellow where these two colors tend to overly stimulate children. Therefore, it would be better if the use of these two colors is mixed with basic colors to reflect the personality of your little one, and add to the impression of joy and optimism.

Another easy way to add a different color is by adding a pattern or by using screen printing. Inspired by recent social trends, bright contrasting colors go great with warm palettes.

With a neutral tone as the base color, make a pattern of horizontal or vertical stripes to contrast the tone, such as the contrasting colors of berry red and lime green to add a touch of creativity to the room.

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Using screen printing can also be a quick and effective way to transform a room full of patterns. This method is also able to make the room have a consistent appearance.
When using these two methods, you can also add bright colors to stimulate the child’s creativity and imagination in moderation.

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