35+ Top Guide of Metal Garden Arbor Trellis with Gate Scroll Design Arch Climbing Plants

Arbors ,especially the metal one, could be a great addition to any outdoor space. These uniquely designed accents can add a lot to your garden and even give you and your friends a place to sit back and enjoy the garden you’ve worked so hard on. In this guide, we’re going to talk about arbor options that you can consider adding to your garden, but before we start, let’s talk about some of the benefits to the arbor and the types that are available for you to purchase.

Benefits of the Arbor Metal Garden

  1. It can create a way of entering or a focal point in the garden space. You can add a gate under the unit to create a doorway or just make it stand out for your guests to see.
  2. It can offer you a shady space to enjoy. During the summer, the arbor can offer a little relief from the sun and a comfortable place to relax.
  3. It can provide protection from rain and wind. A good arbor can protect you from bad weather, especially if an all-weather fabric is added to the top of it.
  4. It supports climbing plants and adds vertical space to the garden. It could be a great place to train grapevines, ivy, roses, and honeysuckle. This vertical space can also add a frame of plants in space that adds to the atmosphere.

Types of Garden Arbor

There are a few different types of arbors that you’ll want to consider when considering which option to purchase. The style you choose will depend on your style and the design of your garden. The arched arbors and pergola arbors are two of the most popular options. The arched arbors have a traditional shape that typically has a curved top. They’re great for doorways and accent points in outdoor space. Pergola’s arbors are a Greek-inspired design that is more angular. This is an excellent option for a shaded sitting area or a place that needs additional charm.

Options for Garden Arbor Material

When you decide which type of tree you want in your garden, you will need to consider how durable each material is and how it will look in your space. You can make Arbors from:


This is the classic option that gives your garden a more rustic look. The longer it’s in the weather, the better it’s going to look between your plants. However, the sides have a lattice design that is ideal for growing plants and vines. The arbor is actually made from Canadian hemlock, so it is a durable option that is coated in an oil-based stain. It has a very traditional that will look great in any garden.


This is a great option to consider if you live in an area with extreme heat or cold temperatures. When it gets muddy from a storm, it can be easily rinsed off with a hose. This is a lovely white arbor that will make a lovely entrance to your garden. The style is similar to what you’ll find in New England, which can be a great addition to most outdoor spaces.


This is a style that will also withstand the elements. This steel arbor is designed with a verdigris finish that looks great in any garden area. It is an arched arbor designed with intricate scrollwork on both sides. It is weather resistant, so it won’t be easily damaged in the rain. There are also ground stakes on both sides of the arbor so that it can be more secure in your garden, which can be useful; especially when it’s windy. This arbor has awesome color and easy to assembly, however It’s not as robust as it looks.


This is a lovely white arbor that will make a lovely entrance to your garden. It is an arched arbor made of vinyl material that is ideal for training a plant to grow, especially because the arbor has a trellis-like design. The style is similar to what you’ll find in New England, which can be a great addition to most outdoor spaces. Like the steele one, this arbor is easy to assemble but the hinges on the gate may rust.

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