37+ Vital Pieces of Stained Glass Home Design Ideas

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In the past, stained glass was usually synonymous with worship buildings such as mosques or churches and office buildings. If you’ve seen the architectural designs of mosques and churches, surely you’ve come across it. If you look at its history, this appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages and was installed in important buildings. Over time, this is not only installed in religious buildings or offices, but also in homes. The beauty of the shapes and color variations that can beautify the interior design of your home.

Bold & Appealing Color Block Stained Glass

Stained glass looks modern in the form of a charming glass window above. Display your favorite colors in various sizes, not only for heat resistance but also for functional art installations. The natural lighting that comes in will also beautify the interior atmosphere. For work or leisure, this is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Warm Kitchen With Stained Flare Stained Glass

Stained glass applications are often present in clean kitchen rooms, of course, to add to the cheerful joy in the house. Although the appearance of the kitchen room uses a modern concept with fully equipped electronic kitchen utensils, there is a warm traditional touch in this family favorite room. Interested in using it for your home kitchen? Don’t think twice about it!

DecorativeTop Headboard Stained Glass

Stained glass can be an additional decoration of the top of the bed headboard that you never expected before. Instead of being confused about the decoration for the master bedroom, this can be an additional solution that can enhance your walls. You can choose the shape, size, color and pattern according to your taste.

Privacy and Beauty of Art

Stained glass applications for luxury bathrooms are also appropriate because this can be engraved or disguised for personal privacy. Instead of using a standard and boring glass cover, it has its own characteristics that are beautiful and feminine. The shower and clean-up session feels even more like royalty from medieval Europe.

A little color, a lot of character

Make the internal dividing door more attractive with a door decorated with stained glass. What’s interesting about the application is the minimal elegant coloration. It is enough that the sides are given a color, while the middle part is left with the polis with calm lines. This little tinge of color is effective enough to present an attractive and unique room dividing door.

Modern Ceiling

Stained glass application in a modern room? Yes, you can! This inspiration becomes its own eye-catching feature in the most interesting and unique way. Semi-transparent one can be a different direction of light entry thanks to the colors in the glass. Compare if the room above whithout it must feel normal right?

Kitchen Lighting Decoration

The atmosphere of the dining room is increasingly glamorous due to the installation of the center lamp with a touch of stained glass. You will also feel a more comfortable interior nuance, simply by adding these small decorations. Indeed, the art production can appear in various elements, from lamps, cabinet doors, glass-element furniture, to other home accessories. You are quite observant in choosing and applying it nicely.

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