40+ Untold Stories About Eclectic Chic Living Room You Must Read

Creating an attractive and pleasant family room is not only a matter of interior aesthetics, but also a matter of function and especially aspects of psychology. Presenting a personal element can be one of the moves that you can try to use. To support the diverse needs and designs of each family member, use eclectic as a choice of interior styles for the living room.

Eclectic Living Room

Before discussing how to design an eclectic style family room, let’s first get to know what eclectic style is. Eclectic is a style known for combining several design styles into one distinct style.

An eclectic interior style is an alternative to the stagnation and rigidity that one style choice brings. Even for some people, eclectic becomes a kind of practical solution to find the best appearance of the desired interior design idea.

A Colorful Living Room

Choosing an eclectic interior design style means that you can freely combine shapes, styles, textures, and colors in one interior idea or scheme. The appearance of an eclectic-style family room will also look very stylish and rich in colors and textures that combine and combine more than one design style as already mentioned.

At first glance, eclectic might look like a bohemian style, because it combines a bohemian style that is rich in textures and colors with the appearance of vintage-modern furniture and even a little contemporary ideas.

Wall Decoration in the Living Room

Eclectic is a design style that is known to be lively and colorful in its use of various decorative elements and elements. One of them is to decorate the walls of the family room by placing lots of artistic displays.

Use ornate or plain gold or silver colored frames for an eclectic impression that is strong enough in the room.

Family Room Furniture

The typical eclectic furniture is functional furniture with a very aesthetic appearance. The eclectic style of furniture is usually old, aka vintage, with wood, iron, floral ornaments, and clear embroidered fabrics.

A soft and comfortable sofa in an antique style of satin, velvet leather and corduray will look absolutely perfect in an eclectic style living room.

Geometric Pattern

You can present geometric patterns on furniture and wallpaper to give a distinctive and bold eclectic impression. Geometric patterns can also be applied to sofa cushions, abstract paintings, which can give a touch of art that is both complex and beautiful. Or a geometric patterned rug which can also give a similar impression.

Floor, Ceiling, and Wall

Choose parquet, laminate, solid wood or tile for the floor of an eclectic living room. On the floor, you can also decorate the carpet with floral patterns in bohemian style. Meanwhile, for the roof or ceiling, or ceiling, make one level or multi-level made of cement.

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And for walls, before arranging wall decorations such as paintings and photos, you can use wallpaper, curtains or decorative stickers. For color, you can use white, gray to brown. Also get results that contrast with the use of brick walls.

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