40+ Things You Won’t Like About Modern Home Office and Things You Will

The dynamics and increasingly fierce competition make our lives often inseparable from busy work. Often times we have to take work home with us or maybe we do work at home. This causes us to be faced with the need for a comfortable home office at home. Home offices can be private or semi-private. Ideally, in the workspace, we can work comfortably alone, receive guests well, while still watching the children, and chatting with other family members. With all the demands that must be met, how to design a home office in your modern home?

Elegant simplicity modern home office

Image source : arsitag

This workspace at PRV A131 is equipped with a glass table with teak wood frames. Javanese teak wood, which is often designed with intricate shapes and ornaments to show its glamorous side, is still able to look elegant with its simplicity. Well-finished wood fibers support the beauty of the minimalist side of the simple wooden frame. The natural brown color of teak wood sits nicely with the white minimalist bookshelf behind it. The combination of modern geometric shapes creates a warm and contrasting impression. This workspace is also equipped with sofas to receive business guests and also other family members as “special guests” who accompany and entertain in the midst of your tired work.

Utilize wood materials for modern home office

Professional House in Taman Tiara, Sidoarjo by SiswandiArchitect in 2015. (www.arsitag.com)

Natural materials such as wood which is dominates by a combination of horizontal and vertical lines will appear very neat for your workspace in your minimalist home. The natural simplicity and warm impression of parquet on the floors, shelves and cabinets, reinforce the minimalist impression and provide comfort.

Clear lines for modern home office

Interior Home Office in Kemayoran by JR Design in 2016. (www.arsitag.com)

In line with the overall minimalist concept, the dominance of lines is evident in this workspace by JR Design. Parquet floors, shelves in front of the work table, window sills, and light fixtures dominate the horizontal lines firmly. These horizontal lines are balanced by the vertical lines on the table legs and the display rack posts and bookshelves.

The harmonious combination of muted colors

11A Residence in South Jakarta by Sontani Partners. (www.arsitag.com)

The workspace at 11A Residence looks elegant and looks very comfortable to focus fully on work. This workspace is equip with a standard table with a thin design to reinforce the minimalist impression. This room color is dominates by white with brown on the table wood and the curtains as a harmonious accent.

Contrast color play

11A Residence in South Jakarta by Sontani Partners. (www.arsitag.com)

The design of a workspace in a minimalist home does not only have to appear with matching colors. The existence of contrasting colors will be an accent that will brighten up the atmosphere in your workspace, as well as a “freshener” in the atmosphere of the room. Ari Endra Kristianto uses orange as an accent in a workspace that has white and light brown color domination.

Adequate furnishing and fixtures

Private Residential 3 in India by Saka Design Lab in 2016. (www.arsitag.com)

To be comfortable and facilitate movement when looking for the equipment needed for work, place everything neatly. According to the minimalist concept, there is no need for too much furniture or fixtures in the workspace. Choose what you really need and place it neatly in the order and in your work habits.

Calculate the required area

Home Sweet Office in Bintaro, Jakarta by HAN AWAL & PARTNERS. (Www.arsitag.com)

If in that workspace you have to work together with several people, think about and determine whether everyone needs a separate workspace and work desk or can share a large table. The use of a large table (communal table) for common needs besides saving space, will also greatly support team work and create intimacy between co-workers.

Mix and match with your favorite designs

Ampera Six Building by CHRYSTALLINE artchitect in 2012. (www.arsitag.com)

Modern minimalist design is not a selfish design style that cannot combined with other architectural styles. Choose a design style that can support your workspace concept and mix it with a minimalist style in your home.

CHRYSTALLINE artchitect creates a workspace with a minimalist industrial style to support the performance of its team work. Utilization of industrial materials with exposure to ducting pipes, AC installations, electricity, and fire plumbing reinforces the industrial impression. Meanwhile, the dominance of horizontal lines on the wall and the selection of the shape and design of the work table are very beautiful elements to create a minimalist impression. Remember that the comfort in the workspace will greatly support your performance. Design a workspace that exactly fits your needs and work order. Choose materials and colors that make you most comfortable working with. Also pay attention to the amount of space so that you can easily move in it. Finally, mix various styles with a minimalist style that will allow you to optimally apply your creativity.

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