37+ Top Bathroom Drapery Ideas Secrets

Without your realizing it, the bathroom is the most dangerous area in the house. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States, every year 235,000 people experience injuries in the bathroom. Eighty-five percent of it caused by the condition of the bathroom floor which is slippery, resulting in slips and falls. No wonder the dry bathroom concept is now becoming popular in the community.

Bathroom Drapery

A dry bathroom is a type of bathroom design to separate the shower room from other areas that don’t exposed to water, such as toilets and sinks. That is why drapery’s material made from glass, cloth or plastic. Moreover, bathroom drapery can also be permanent or temporary. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, it’s just that the type of permanent glass divider tends to present a monotonous impression and is quite costly.

Exactly like white, yellow can be employed to make the illusion of a bigger surface region of your house. Gray siding and roof colors will make a sophisticated and tasteful atmosphere. Varying shades of blue are fantastic for your house color palette only because they invoke and calming and welcoming atmosphere. Gray siding colors has wide range of shades, which from light silver hues to darker, more potent slate tones. Yellow siding colors go nicely with shades of brown and gray. Both of theym create a bit of contrast whilst still keeping a neutral palette color matching scheme. Choosing siding colors for your house is an important task in making the ideal design scheme for your abode.

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