40+ Things You Won’t Like About Easter Ideas For Outdoor Decorations and Things You Will

Easter is a symbol of renewal and your garden will be the perfect expression of it. To underline this festive atmosphere, nothing beats a beautiful DIY outdoor Easter decorations . If you need inspiration, these traditions from all over Europe should spark your creativity.

To create your own, you might have to to locate some large colorful decorative eggs, select your plant and place a stick in the center. You are able to use up all those plastic Easter eggs from this past year! To recreate it you will want to get some used plastic eggs in distinct colours. These eggs then need to cut up and glue all over the pot to produce the colorful egg mosaic effect.

You might need to drill a little guide hole initially to help your larger bit get started. Low wattage power drills will produce the task much straightforward. A little and lightweight hammer is likely to make things much simple for you. You can also get power screwdrivers since they make the work much faster.

Osterbrunnen: Easter fountains outdoor decorations

The German tradition of the Osterbrunnen is to decorate fountains and wells with arches decorated with coniferous branches intertwined with flowers, ribbons and decorated Easter eggs and on top of which is a wreath. If you already have a waterhole in your garden, any decoration that comes close to a German Easter fountain could be a nice way to highlight it and create a surprising springtime vibe.

This type of fountain dates back to 1900, when the ancient tradition of drinking regenerative Easter water was combined with contemporary Easter celebrations. Today, towns and villages in Germany observe both the Osterbrunnen tradition and that of decorating trees with painted eggs.

Easter outdoor decorations bells

Outdoor DIY Easter decoration doesn’t just include eggs and bunnies. In France, bells are fitted with a pair of wings and loaded with Easter eggs. According to tradition, the Church forbids ringing bells as a sign of mourning between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. Legend says that during this period they go to Rome where the Pope blesses them. There, they take care of Easter eggs which they spread when they return to the gardens.

This tradition is therefore perfectly suited to a DIY outdoor Easter decoration. Try hanging bells of different shapes and sizes from the branches of your trees to greet your hosts with music. You can also use large antique bells as flower pots for your spring plantings.

Scoppio del carro: the explosion of the tank

If you want a rather unusual decoration, the Florentine tradition of the tank explosion is ideal. This 18th-century ritual takes place on Easter Sunday, when oxen decorated with flowers pull a chariot filled with fireworks through the city of Florence. Once in Piazza del Duomo, the Archbishop of Florence lights a rocket in the shape of a dove which sets off a huge firework display.

Depending on the size and location of your outdoor space, the fireworks display might not be a very good idea. However, a traditional wooden cart overflowing with spring flowers is perfectly suite for a DIY outdoor Easter decoration. Try to mix different colors and textures to create an explosive arrangement.

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Baskets, garlands and Pomlázka (Easter whisk)

Along with the freshness of the flowers that adorn your garden in spring, this season also offers flexible tree branches for making baskets and wreaths. Easter garlands, on the other hand, are becoming as popular as the Advent wreath and are typically create with pastel-colored tulips or golden yellow daffodils.

To add a pop of color to your outdoor space, fill a few freshly woven baskets with cut or potted flowers. If you want to add either climbing plant to your spring decoration, use central European braided willow (pomlázka) stems to support them. Traditionally used as whips in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, anyone who got whipped by these stems stayed young.

Reinvent tradition by drawing inspiration from it to create an up-to-date do-it-yourself outdoor Easter decoration. Plus, many of these ideas will give your garden a unique look all year round.

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