40+ Top Dark , Rich & Vibrant Rooms Choices

“I want to get out of my comfort zone and now that I’ve finally moved into my new house I want to try a dark vibrant color scheme for my rooms”

According to our recent global survey, 31% of people who move homes are inspired by fashion and style trends when decorating their new home. Then for those who dare to try something different in terms of decoration, dark, moody shades are currently on trend. When it comes to your home, dark vibrant colors are an easy and affordable way to add class to your rooms color scheme. It is also suitable if you are using it to paint an accent wall.

Dark Vibrant Rooms Colors : Amethyst

Bright and alluring, this rich purple is more versatile than you might think. Amethyst walls will add instant passion to your scheme, and are perfect for larger spaces, such as living rooms. Pair it with complementary colors like moss green, intense yellow, and certain shades of red and blue for a striking effect.

Dark Vibrant Rooms Colors : Stormy gray

Dark gray is a quick way to instantly make any room feel more luxurious. As a recessive color, gray doesn’t attract attention making it the perfect alternative to white or beige as a neutral backdrop.

Deepest red

The brown tones of deep red will add a lot of drama to your new home, which is why it shouldn’t be overused. Pair this color with crisp white walls or wood in your scheme for a romantic elegant feel that’s perfect for a bedroom.


Containing slight blues and greens, turquoise is a very calm color and can be used liberally throughout your new home. Balance this look with minty green for a calming effect or go for a bold look by pairing it with mustard yellow.

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Emerald green

Emerald green is a dazzling color that has traditionally been associated with wealth and luxury. This color is quite eye-catching, so pair it with neutrals for an elegant dining scheme, or, if you’re brave, pair it with velvet blue and gold.

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