37+ The 30-Second Trick for Magnificent Tribal Art

Are you a fan of tribal art? Tribal style rooms are known for their play of motifs and colors that tend to be bright, lively and beautiful. But to get this look, you don’t have to always use all the interior elements. You can still get an ethnic nuanced room using furniture with a modern and minimalist design by utilizing decorative elements such as the 6 ideas below.

Tribal Art Pillowcase

One element of decor that is easy to create is a pillowcase. Present a variety of tribal motifs on your pillows. The diversity of colors and patterns in this motif can liven up the room while emphasizing the design character you want. Choose a sofa in a muted color like gray, white, beige, or brown to accentuate the motif on the pillow. Mix and match with a series of minimalist furniture to get a modern look.

Tribal Art Blankets

Not only for pillows, blanket with bohemian nuances can be a constant companion for your rest. Tribal motif blend easily with wood-based furniture such as beds, bedside tables, or wooden chairs.


Simple tribal appearance can also be poured into the dining room. As in the picture above, the ethnic pattern tablecloths and light colors blend perfectly with the wooden dining chairs and the dominance of white on the walls and dining table. Simple and beautiful.


For those of you who really like the beauty of the complexity and color of tribal motifs, a large carpet is the right choice. Apart from giving a warm and lively impression, you have a spacious and comfortable place for large family gatherings. This style of carpet will also come alive with the use of various design furniture, such as the chairs below.

Wall decoration

Tired of frames or photo frames? Wall decoration becomes a unique spot and attracts the attention of anyone who passes by. Collect a collection of travel souvenirs and attach them to the wall, such as plates, flat baskets, or ceramics. Place a minimalist chair, sofa, or stool to complement your favorite corner.

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Beautiful lights like the one above can be used for various purposes. Starting from the living room, family room, dining room, bathroom, yard. Pair this type of lamp with wooden furniture.

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