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Details of Bathroom Designs With Stone For Elegant Look

Are you tired of ceramic walls in the bathroom? Try using natural stone as a substitute! Surely a natural stone bathroom will make the room look more rustic. Just like ceramics, natural stone has various patterns and shapes that can make a bathroom unique. You can install natural stone on the wall or floor of the room. Some modern designs also use natural stone as a sweetener in their room.

1. Bathroom and Stone : The combination of wood and stone

Want to make your bathroom look very rustic? Combine natural stone with wood. The combination of the two makes the room look comfortable and warm. Usually, bathrooms like this are in houses in the countryside. In addition, the touch of a clean white bathtub and sink makes the room look more charming.

2. Natural Stone Make Your Bathroom Look Unique

The appearance of natural stone on all sides of the wall will give a unique impression to the room. Natural stone has various types of shapes and patterns. In other words, no one natural stone is the same as another. Install wooden furniture, such as sink countertops and cabinets to make the room feel natural.

3. Modern Bathroom

Not only does it make the room look rustic, natural stone can also make the room more modern. With the right design, natural stone can give your bathroom a contemporary touch. Pair natural stone walls with white painted walls so that the room doesn’t look too old or tacky. Also use trendy furniture, such as a minimalist bathtub, so that the room looks more elegant.

4. Look beautiful and charming

One way to make a bathroom look more beautiful is to combine stone walls with curtains. The neutral colored curtains make the room softer and calmer. You can separate the wet room, which contains a shower and bathtub, from a dry room so that the bathroom can be cleaned more easily.

5. Exposed Wall

The use of natural stone in the bathroom does not need to be expensive. The proof is that you can use the exposed wall technique in your bathroom. Walls like this make the bathroom look even more aesthetic.

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6. Suitable for Luxury Bathrooms

Natural stone can also make your bathroom look more luxurious, you know. Add a classic pendant lamp to make the bathroom look more charming. Install a window at the top of the wall to make the room brighter.

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