40+ Everything You’ve Learned About Romantic Home Decor Ideas

Romantic home decor can be applied at any time without having to wait for Valentine to come. These decorations, however, can give serenity and warmth to a home. Both of these effects of course help in reducing stress so that it is good for body and mind health. While there are certain main characteristics that define a decorating style, you should adapt them to your taste so that they reflect the characteristics in the decor.

Romantic Home Decor Ideas : Color

Romantic decoration using soft colors. White is the right choice, but beige is also the best choice because it can be combined with several other colors. Beige has the warmth and sweet personality that white lacks. With the cream as a base, you can move on to adding a touch of color. In addition, pastel colors can form a romantic palette. You only need a small amount of subtle pink, light green, and almost translucent blue. The current trend has attracted a hint of turquoise and lavender. Pair this subtle color combination with a brown like wood flooring for an absolutely gorgeous result.

Romantic Home Decor Ideas : Material

Texture plays an important role in any romantic decoration style. Apart from that, wallpaper is very important. You need to choose soft floral motifs and place them strategically so they don’t overwhelm your room. Natural wallpaper, such as linen or cotton, in neutral colors or a small floral print are also valid choices. Wood is another must for this romantic design.

Furniture pieces should be antique with very simple lines. Untreated wood or pieces painted in a cream or white color with an aged look will work really well. The main idea is to have vintage looking furniture. Another material that can be a star in a romantic setting is porcelain or plaster.


Textiles create most of the charm in romantic decor settings as in curtains and other linens. Wool rugs play a special role in this style of decor. Choose a rug with floral patterns and subtle pastel colors. You can also add other accessories such as floral pillows with soft colors. Lace and crochet cuts are great additions, but keep in mind this can be overkill.

Decoration elements

Pastel colored flowers, fresh or artificial, should fill every corner of your home. Place in a fine porcelain vase. More important accessories including candles, plants and baskets can be chosen for this romantic decoration. As for lighting, make sure your lighting looks natural and helps your room feel big and well-lit. Due to creating a very clean décor style, lighting plays a big part in achieving the setting.

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For a romantic dining room, linen tablecloths, porcelain tableware, and antique-looking glass pieces are all very popular choices. And of course, lots of candles and a good flower bouquet should decorate the centerpiece of the table. Shabby chic is a variation on the romantic decor style. It differs slightly from its classic predecessors by having a strong rustic feel.

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