40+ Why Everybody Is Talking About Beachside Style…The Simple Truth Revealed

Are you dreaming of the scent of the salty sea or the soft sand of the beach? Relax, you can bring the atmosphere of the beach into your residence, so staying at home a beachside style that feels like a vacation.

Yes, beach house decoration can be a solution to bring a fresh, cool and relaxing breeze into your home. A beach house or it can be known as a coastal or nautical style is the concept of a coastal house that has characteristics that play with colors, furniture and small details.

You don’t have to be on the beach, a beach house can be developed in a crowded city center. This coastal style is influenced by motifs inspired by marine life with prominent features. Combine a palette of neutral tones with dominating blues and greens.

Various Types and Decorations of Beachside Style

There are 3 types of decorations that you can choose as a reference:

American Beachside Style

This American style beach house symbolizes relaxation and comfort. The concept of coastal combines contemporary styles to make two decorations into one. Even though it combines other styles, all elements of the decoration are dominated by white and navy. Then there is also furniture with soft nuances and decorative details that depict a beach house.

Tropical Island Beachside Style

From the Hawaiian islands to Bali, beach house styles have become popular more quickly than other types of homes. This coastal concept combines a tropical beach style with a traditional house that is so thick. The use of wood elements plays an important role in this decoration.

Mediterranian Coastal

The decoration using the Mediterranean style beach house has been adapted several centuries ago. When talking about the Mediterranean, it can not be separated from the elements of the city that influenced it, such as Spain, Italy and Greece. The decoration concept is easy to recognize, starting from the use of terra-cotta, overwritten iron, white paint to predominantly beige and brick colors.

Characteristics of Beach Houses

  • Neutral colors (white and cream) with few primary colors (green, yellow, red, and blue).
  • Relaxing and warm use of floor textures and decor objects
  • Choice of long dining table, white furniture and walls and large windows for maximum light.
  • For detailed decoration materials, use surfboard accessories, rattan, rope, to wood.
  • The use of linen, cotton, mandala fabrics represents beach house decoration.

The Right Color Theme

It has been explained above that decorating a beach house is more budget efficient than decorating a house with a bohemian or contemporary concept. Because basically a beach or coastal house has a few basic colors. Indeed, there are no rules in choosing colors, but if you want a thicker beach atmosphere, then the use of white must be more dominant. Then add accents of blue, yellow and green, you don’t need too much. This makes the beach house much cheaper but still aesthetically pleasing.

  • Use white paint for the interior walls of the house.
  • For the room, use baby blue or sea glass blue.
  • In addition to white, you should choose a soft, seafoam green paint.
  • Selection of yellow accents can be applied in furniture.

We recommend that you avoid using terra-cotta colors or brick colors in the interior of the house. Indeed, these colors can make a warm impression, but they basically mess up the concept of the beach house itself.


If you have changed the wall paint to all white, now all you have to do is choose the right furniture. For the furniture itself, you can use a white sofa or light beige color.

Incorporating this color element can make a room look ‘dead’. But take it easy, because you can outsmart it by combining a blue pillowcase and beach cloth on the corner of the sofa. In addition, the use of floor rugs with Tosca green or navy blue can be applied.


The room walls look empty? You don’t need to be confused, you just need to add accessories in the form of used surfboards. Or make beach decorations such as filling a vase or jar with beach sand and then adding it with shells. You can also add a brown boat rudder decoration on the wall.

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Wood Material

Another thing that is no less important in decorating a beachside house is the use of wood materials in every aspect of the room such as roof, floor and furniture. This makes the beach house feel lively and comfortable.

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