40+ The New Fuss About Antique French Decoration Ideas

If you are someone who is obsessed with the classic and elegant style of a European nuance, you can try antique French decoration styles as a source of reference for realizing your dreams.

Known for its very high aesthetic value, French decorating styles can be a guide in arranging your room. Starting from your kitchen, bedroom, living room, den, library and your yard. Therefore, to be able to do this, you must understand important things related to the arrangement of the room in this French decoration style.

Antique French Decoration : Shape and Pattern

The most important thing is to know what the basic principles of the shape and pattern of a Rocaille. This decoration art is a freedom and awareness of works of art to break out of a symmetrical and rigid classical style. Therefore Rocaille is synonymous with asymmetrical, wavy, and curvy lines. Also by remembering that the Renaissance was based on natural objects, such as stones, shells and scrolls. It should be noted that the motive that was created was to resemble those objects.

Antique French Decoration : Color and Atmosphere

In general, classical French decor emphasizes the harmony of color choices. It could be the color of the furniture and furniture, the color of the walls and wallpaper, the curtains and the floor. However, specifically, the color choices that are popular are Beige, Brown, Gray, White, Yellow, Sky Blue, Ivory, Cream and Gold. In the end, if you pay close attention, with the support of good skills in combining these colors, you can present a warm, elegant and graceful atmosphere of a French-style room.

Decoration Ideas

Even so, you won’t be able to completely present a “French” just by knowing these basics. For example, the size of the windows that are high and wide is also need an attention. To bring out a bright and warm feel, the shapes, sizes and types of wood are used to match and last. In addition, the shape of the room and the ceiling height and so on.

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