40+ Ruthless Rustic Coastal Living Room Decorating Ideas Strategies Exploited

Rustic Coastal For Living Room : Concept

Applying a rustic coastal interior design that smells of beaches and the sea, is an interesting idea to decorate your living room. Complete it with beach-smelling furniture and bright paint. However, can it give a rustic impression to this design concept? Try applying the following elements.

Rustic Coastal For Living Room : Wooden Floor

The wooden floor element is one of the important elements in the application of rustic coastal styles to the interior design of the house. Besides giving a rustic impression, the wood element also shows a warm atmosphere that is obtained from the sticky natural elements. So it is not surprising that the impression of a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere and nuance is also generated from the application of wood as a flooring material.

Antique Furniture

One of the tips for getting a rustic coastal feel is the application of antique furniture. Because ancient furniture always has a unique classic impression. Generally, ancient furniture is also made with wood material that is no longer polished on the outside.

Vintage decoration

Vintage decoration always manages to give an old and classic impression to a room’s decor. Place these vintage nuances on the walls of the house for a strong traditional impression.

Wood Release

Not only floors, wood material can also be applied to various other elements in the house. Friends of Rooang can use the wood element as a material for making various furniture in the house. Such as cabinets, shelves, tables, drawers, chairs or even on the door to the room. To emphasize the rustic impression, there is no need to provide an outer layer or finish with wood elements.

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Rattan Element

The rustic style is define by interior design that emphasizes natural materials. Apart from wood, one of the materials with other natural nuances is the element of rattan. So that if you apply rattan material to the elements of the room, such as as a material for the sofa, then the impression of a room with a rustic coastal concept can be obtained. Don’t forget to use colors that are close to the color of the beach or sea so that the coastal impression looks strong as a style for the interior design of the room.

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