39+The Honest to Goodness Truth on Modern Classic Dresser

Indispensable, the dresser never goes out of fashion. Small storage unit with drawers, the dresser is available in a wide range of styles. Modern, design, rustic or classic, discover our selection of practical and aesthetic dressers. Modern classic however, is a combination of two styles that has richer result for interior design. As an instance, a modern classic dresser will be a great option for bedroom as its timeless characteristic.

An essential storage unit, the dresser never goes out of style. This low cabinet is aptly named, since it is very practical for storing while keeping clothes, bed linen, documents or accessories within easy reach. Narrower and slightly higher than a sideboard, the designer chest of drawers is usually found in the bedroom. But you can also reverse the rules, and place a sideboard in a bedroom and vice versa, a dresser in a living room.

Modern classic dresser: a piece of furniture as design as it is practical

The designer dresser, unlike the wardrobe with wardrobe, requires folding the clothes that are stored there. This is especially why it is more easily associated with a bedroom . The chest of drawers is the ideal piece of furniture for storing linens, pajamas or lingerie.

In addition, the dresser has the advantage of not taking up too much space on the height. This leaves us free to arrange it as we see fit indeed. Regarding old or rustic style dressers , we like to install a mirror on the upper shelf of the dresser. To create a dressing area , prefer a large mirror, which will have the advantage of enlarging the bedroom. For a more cozy effect, opt for a small standing mirror . A few pretty boxes, a beautiful terrarium and a vase filled with fresh flowers will be enough to give an air of a dressing table revisited to your dresser.

The dresser changes its look

For more modern dressers, in lacquered wood for example, or those inspired by industrial or vintage styles , we adapt the decor. A floor lamp and a few stacked books or magazines will give a refined elegance to your interior. Without a doubt in a very “effortless” style that we always fall for.

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But there’s more to the dresser than its traditional rectangular shape. Unstructured, high, low, with sliding doors and even without legs. The dressers lend themselves to the game of design to restructure our interiors. Either way, the dresser remains a furnishing modern classic . Whether used as a small occasional piece of furniture or as a major storage unit, the chest of drawers elegantly dresses up our interiors without overdoing it.

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