37+ The Secret of FAIRYTALE BEDROOM That Nobody Is Talking About

Every girl must have had dreams or at least curiosity about becoming a royal princess. Not infrequently, they can spend hours playing and pretending to be fairytale princesses with matching dresses, knick-knacks, and bedroom. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents like to choose the theme fairytale as a friend to their bedroom in their home.

A bedroom with fairytale theme has a function more than just a place to rest, but also a little one’s favorite room that is full of imagination in the world of play. Girls’ rooms with the theme of royal princesses are also generally beautiful and make you feel at home. Of course, the design of a bedroom with the theme fairytale can be adjusted to the budget of each parent, without really spending a lot of money.

Hidden Space in Fairytale Bedroom

Realistically, not all parents want decorations that are too fantasy or royal that are difficult to apply. However, with a touch of mosquito nets and warm play of colors, a bedroom can still get the attention of her.

In addition, there is a special room for the bathroom in the practical bedroom. Floor rugs in soft colors also add a strikingly beautiful feel. Finally, a royal princess can also have a playroom by utilizing a high ceiling plus a white fan.

Minimal Decoration For Maximum Fairytale Bedroom

A small rug, a firm mattress, and the right furniture — the little bedroom was ready to be occupied. Not to forget, soft colored wall wallpapers and a floral theme complement the entire girls room to the maximum. With a little creativity, parents can also provide a large cardboard as a playmate who is ready to accompany your little daughter.

Girls Room Wall and Ceiling Decoration

This inspiration for girls’ rooms shifts the focus from room sizes that are not too big in very smart ways. Adding chandeliers and wall decorations from various directions is a great way to show the strengths of a bedroom to the fullest. Apart from placing the furniture appropriately in the form of a simple pair of beds, there is a large cabinet that looks luxurious and serves as an effective storage shelf.

Custom Furniture For Her Land

Are you one of those who like to give more to your little ones? Many parents are willing to spend extra to beautify a bedroom. Including making custom or custom furniture according to their preferred personal design.

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The inspiration for the bedroom with fairytale seen in the picture is not half-hearted in establishing a typical palace decoration, complete with a pair of small luxurious stairs. Interested in this bedroom decoration? To be sure, the little princess is guaranteed to feel at home and enjoy playing in this private palace.

Adequate activity space

Got extra space in a bedroom? Don’t forget to decorate it with truly princess furniture such as decorative mirrors and soft sofa chairs. Also, feminine hanging shelves to a small corner as a stage that makes the atmosphere of a bedroom even more different.

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